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Happy Anniversary: All Things 8

Today, Abercrombie & FITness proudly celebrates EIGHT glorious years in business.  

Look at me, a full blown girl boss and loving every minute of it. While I have been training and on a long and winding road of FITness for over 20 years, today’s 8 year milestone isspecific to the location and the people who fill the space each week.   

BLESSED.   It’s a seven letter word that perfectly describe God’s complete provision on my small home-grown FITness business.

CLIENTS.  The heart beat of the gym who come in all shapes, sizes and mindets.  The lovely people who show up, eager and ready to work. Precious humans who desire change and commit allowing me to challenge their bodies. My faithful and loyal clients light up my day-to-day operations.

WEIGHTS.  The iron objects we use as tools to melt fat and create lean muscle tone.  Weights are often accused of creating sore and fatigued muscles.  We don’t focus on the weight or the number on the scale.  We direct our attention toward using and abusing the WEIGHTS which in turn drops inches off of the waist line.  The Weight Is Over

SESSIONS. I offer a variety of sessions. Private, group, or double up hour or half hour sessions all times of the day.  I’m flex with time and do what it takes to meet the needs of my clients.


PURPOSE. Confidence, energy stamina, weight loss, companionship, accountability, coaching, weight gain, tone, tighten, bikini season, healthy lifestyle, strength, endurance, doctor required,

RESULTS. The best part of my job is watching my clients reap the rewards of their disciplined training. I have numerous client testimonials. Each story is unique to the specific goals and needs of each individual like Connor who to date has maintained a 70 pound loss!  I stand by my art which is sculpting and whittling away at FAT.


I work in a structured but outgoing non threatening environment. I get to know and meet the most amazing diverse group of women and students.

It’s a very informal experience and I might not always speak with eloquent lingo but I promise ya’ll I know my stuff.  FITness is my area of expertise.

I don’t hook people up to heart rate monitors or fancy digital gadgets.  What I create each session is custom workout routines that crush calories and rev up the metabolsim.  Sure there is alot of laughter and chit chat but the task at hand it never compromised.  I know to nudge and encourage female student athletes or grown adult women.

SUCCESS – The energetic exasserberated feeling you get when the workout session is over!  Knowing you did it.  You completed what you came in to do and now it ‘s done.  Until next time.

EXERCISE:  We exercise our minds, hearts, and bodies.  We exercise self dicipline and diet control.  Each session is an exercise in believing in the process.  A hour of self medication high on exercise.

Here is a brief sampling and quick glance at some of my workout warriors in the heat of battle.  You are more than welcome to follow us on INSTAGRAM.  They are all on an unstoppable mission of self health and wellness.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch and actively particiipate.  Remember, anything is possible.

EIGHT FEELS better than GREAT.  EIGHT feels more like sheer eleation!  I share this special anniversary with you and all of my virtual and in person clients.  Thank you.

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