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Spring Ski Warm up

Yesterday I opened up about my “altitude” struggle and chronicled a tid bit about our family spring break road trip to Breckenridge, Colorado.

What I’m sharing today is the precursor to the actual skiing activity.  The warm up if you will!

In my professional opnion it is not wise or recommended that one would “spring ski” right into action without some form of exercise or warm up to activate the muscles.

I’m not suggeting that anyone should workout on the day of, or week of hitting the slopes.  In fact, I would highly discourage someone from even considering going to the FITness room or hitting a gym.  What I’m encouraging are a few basic warm up exercises to get the blood flowing.

Here are my favorite “go to” heart healthy, routine movements that I used to tackle the mountain. Let me also say that I’m in no way suggesting that any of these movements would occur while wearing ski gear.  Due to the elevation and ALTITUDE,these are pajama only workouts.  The clothing should be light and breathable.

*** Warning, if you were to attempt several rounds of these exercises with full ski gear you might/could require mouth to mouth or an oxgegn respirator.

I began each morning with a tall glass of water, a cup of hot coffee and a jar of blue-Emu cream.



Prisioner squats

Triceip dips

Assisted full sit ups – ADVANCED butter fly feet full sit ups

Hip thrusters – single leg on the last round

 Tricep push ups from knees

2-3 rounds of 15-20 reps


Step up glute squeeze

Squat press

Side squat up stairs or side squats with a leg lift

Jack knife crunches

Take stairs two at a time

2-3 rounds of 20 reps


Front Lunges

Side Dips

side lunges

Side to side bends (arms up)

Jumping Jacks

2-3 rounds of 20 reps

To combat road rash, here are a few core movements I invented for the car ride.   These are literal car exercies people...I willed a wayto get some cardio exercise time in the car. It’s not easy but it can be done.  I had the luxury of having the entire back seat to myself.  My thoughtful teen queen switched with me so I cold nap and exericse!  What a country!

Also…when allowed a pit-stop / restroom break I always do some hi knees or jumping jacks or squats by the car like all the cool kids do! It’s a thing I’m sure of it! Keep the blood circulation in the mix!

I love her face!

so, if you’re headed to the beach or the slopes…don’t forget the importance of warming up the muscles.  If you’re bikini bound, get your pump on before you hit the sand!

Remember,  where there is a will there is a way!  Check out PART TWO here!  

Lastly, Mr. Chicken Fry most definitely got his road side workout in on the way home. Thank the Good Lord that he was spared from his body being blood spattering across the highway. We were about 79 miles out of Breckenridge barreling down the highway. We looked like ski hillbillies with all of our loot and suit cases flapping in the back of the truck. The wind was super high. There were actual signs warning against the 30 mile an hour cross winds.

Cars were literally shaking on the roadway. Suddenly I hear Chicken Fry utter a nervous “oh no.” He said, “we just lost a bag!”

I looked back to see a lone suitcase, still in tact, smack dab in the middle of the highway. In the center of the lane!!!! Cars were flying down this blind hill dodging…weaving and swerving to avoid the bag. Chicken Fry pulled off on the side of the highway and carefully maneuvers the vehicle in the crazy high wind backward on the shoulder. I was terrified, literally scared to death that the stupid suit case was going to cause our death. I had quick visions of a 5 car pile up! I could just see these massive trucks plowing into our car! I startled the teen queen who was sleeping in the back seat! By that point, Chicken Fry throttled into park and like a fawn, sprung from the the car. He began to jog up the side of the road into oncoming FAST moving traffic and massive 18 wheelers. I was a wreck! I could barley watch as he hurriedly…FROGGERED into traffic and removed the bag! What I didn’t know was…in one of the suit cases he had stashed some cash. All he could picture was our money flying across the highway. Thankfully all’s wells that ends well.

Love, smile, and always warm up a while!

Angi xo

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