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Bad Days

Even energetic sunshiny happy people have the occasional bad day.

Because if you are a living breathing technology owning or running human you might experience “technical difficulties”.

And because sometimes we just can’t remember the stinking password and because of that we might sit on the phone unable to do what we originally set out to do. For what feels like and most likely is 4 plus man hours later with the patient precious people at technical support are unable to resolve an issue so you gain a bigger problem on the back-end.

Sometimes a day like this can literally suck the fun and energy right out of ya.

Y’all, last week alone, I was on the phone with customer support at Spectrum, AOL, Apple, Verizon, Lululemon, Bank of America, Sirius radio and ITunes. It was a giant calamity of errors. One after the other like Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole into an abyss of lengthy time eating trouble shooting.

This coming off the heels of my whole printer debacle about six weeks back and it gave me the blues.

I’m sure the cataclysmic timing of that special female thing added an extra layer of stress. But sometimes…draining bad days just happen.

Literally as I was writing this post, alone in my office, I felt very warm, which is highly unusual.  I’m usually chilled to the bone because Mr. Chicken Fry likes to keep the house cold because he is a polar bear from antarctica.  In any case, it takes a lot for me to feel “hot” which I was.  When I stood up to check the vent, it felt like warm air was blowing not the usual frigid cold air.  OUGHT OH!

Before we were able to get the AC guy to come check out AC unit, it was a whopping 85 degrees in our house.  This happening on the hottest day of the year in Texas which registered 104 degrees.  Thankfully it was under warranty and an easy fix.

It’s’ days like this that can give you the blues!

Unless you don’t own or operate a computer, smart phone, car, nifty gadget or another type of lap top device then you must have felt my pain.  Eventually we all reluctantly succumb to the upgrade or complete the latest and greatest upload and it goes haywire and wonky in every possibly way.  It’s draining and a mental mind suck.

In the big scheme of life I have way more merry days than I do sitting inside dealing with bull crap.  Most days run like a well oiled machine.  But on occasion we are all susceptible to mornings when the coffee pot breaks! In this case, my advice is to immediately call in sick and go back to bed. Only later to wake up, make a Starbucks run for energy then dawdle into Costto and buy a new one.   You get a total do over on the whole day. COFFEE FIRST!

There are afternoons when the AC is blowing hot air and it’s 5000 degrees outside.  Or the power goes out or the heater doesn’t work and it’s 20 degrees with snow on the ground.

Bad draining days are raunchy. Let’s face it sometime it’s not just about tech support.  Bad days come in all shapes and sizes.  You might just be straight up legitimately aggravated because hubby snored and kept you up all night. Then there’s the teenagers who don’t ever pick up after themselves or are inept and can’t seem to find a trash can to save their life. It could also be the baby that won’t sleep or the AC that quit running.  Sprinkle this in with ordinary basics like a job, bills, laundry, customer service tech sport, car failures and phone calls with mom who  lacks sympathy for your bad day!

Is it bed time yet?

Have you ever accidentally stepped in dog poop first thing in the morning. Right off the bat…BOOM…bad day! CRAP HAPPENS!

What can you do about it?

How do I bounce back from a set back?  What can you do to perk up?


I usually take it out on the gym, road or the treadmill.  This is way better than the alternative of taking it out on Mr. Chicken Fry or my teen queen.  It’s also better than frivolous spending and jacking up my bank account.

Yesterday it was a blazing 100 degrees out and I blasted out the door jogging. The louder I played the music the better I felt. The more I sweat the less I thought about the insane scenario I had been trapped in all day.

The harder my heart pounds pumping blood through my veins the more invigorated I become. Pushing oxygen to the brain is like cleansing of the brain.  It clears my head of stress and buildup. I gaze at nature and awe at the Summer flowers.


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Take a hot soapy bath.  Get all sudsy and clean.  I rest better when I feel ultra clean.  I smell good and aroma therapy is a real thing.  So take my advice, turn in early, call it a day and check out.  Don’t drink alcohol.  That only exacerbates the yuckyness of the day.  Sleeping is like putting your brain into neutral.  Give your mind and mouth a rest.  Let all of the negative, important raw data that you’ve accumulated sort itself out in the REM cycle. Dreaming is your minds way of clearing out all of your emotions.  Sleeping is healthy.

Next time you get a hitch in the getty long of your day, suck it up butter cup and know that tomorrow will be brighter and better.

This post may sound super trivial to people who are fighting significant life/health battles. My long phone conversations with IT professionals is nothing in comparison.


I really try to keep a balanced upbeat positive perspective.  Sure, I get super frustrated and uptight like anyone else but then I think about all of the full hospitals and less fortunate.  I get my mind out of the gutter and look on the bright side.

I’m alive!

Like the Ray Johnston song, NO BAD DAYS, it really says it all. Click and listen! This song is a game changer.  It brings me back to center when I have an off kilter bad day!

If your heart is beating…there are no bad days!

Don’t allow the bad days to define you! You’re so much better than a broken glass or lost/missing item. Bounce back baby!

Love, dream and redeem

Angi xo

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