Bringing Sweaty Back

I want it all…right now!

It’s not our fault.

I blame the microwave epidemic.  The microwave oven shined its face upon our homes and forever changed kitchens, college dorm rooms, office lunch spaces and the trajectory of popcorn. I believe that the microwave unknowingly cultivated an “we want it right now” attitude that has been impossible to shake.

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What came next almost crushed our souls beyond repair.  The 10 minute Abs VHS tape exploded on scene and forced its way into every VCR in America.  We temporarily lost our minds falling for shredded abs in only 10 minutes a day!  Again, I blame the microwaves for melting brain cells causing us to believe that we literally could have abs in an instant.

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Today’s tech advances have followed suit. Email, text and handy dandy easy to reach cell phones, have boosted productivity. We push, work harder, later hours because we CAN GET SO MUCH DONE SO QUICKLY! The internet and social media play perfectly into the  prompt on the spot world we now call life.

Quick, fast, faster. NOW!

Everything in today’s culture is instantly gratified.  We wait for nothing!  We are surrounded with instant options for EVERYTHING under the sun including self tanner. Gone are the days spending hours of hard time in a lounge chair with baby oil.  Today’s divas assume it’s a rough day if they have to wait 24 hours for the tanning cream to kick in.

But who can blame them?  We take in instant answers from Alexa,  we obtain split second directions from Siri, and same day delivery from Amazon Prime. We have come to expect nanosecond response times on sharing photos, videos and more.

When such reaction times are compromised by minutes we cannot even live!  We freak the freak out. We presume lickety split voices, typed letters, or a direct link on the pronto. Waiting for anything has become so passe’.

Recently, while sitting in the chair for a botox appointment, I asked Chelsea @ a SMART NEW YOU,  if I could sample some of her swanky night cream.  Her response was a sweet but simple “no.”  In her professional experience, there is no logical reason to sample out cream because the cream doesn’t do it’s magic in one application.  In fact, she said most moisturizers and night creams can take up to a month with daily use to see a lasting result.  A WHOLE MONTH?  Like four weeks?


How refreshing, right?

EFFORT!  Discipline!  Commitment!  Waiting.

Can patience even make a come back when we are this far gone?

If we desire better skin, we have to consistently wash and nourish it.  We physically have to treat our skin are over and over to reap a new result.

Weight loss is unfortunately a lot like a good skin regimen and night cream.  It takes effort and daily healthy habits to garner a well earned pay off.


Remember this?

Endurance is the capacity of withstanding a difficult process.  Staying power.  Knowing that a grande result is on the horizon if you push through until the end. Often times we quit before there is a significant break through.

How many times have you purchased a new skin care or hair product that you just knew would change your life??  How many times weeks later did you find bottle or jar your  drawer / bathroom cabinet still half full?  For whatever reason you lost interest or forgot how to follow instructions.  You quit and didn’t give it the full college heave hoe!  Is it any wander why there was little to no improvement in your skin?  I’m GUILTY on all counts.

How many times have you purchased a gym membership?  How many months later did you make something else a priority?  Yet half a year later you’re frustrated and disappointed that nothing changed.  BUT…did you really go the distance?  Did you give it your all?    By all I mean 3 month plus.

Weight, that is gained gradually over a years time, is not going to come off in two months.  It doesn’t work like that. You cannot expect to whirl wind your way around a gym for a few weeks see or feel different.

Routine…now there is a word.  ROUTINE – habitual.

But lets say you have been logging some hours in the gym.  Perhaps you have been on a four week roll of eating a healthy diet and consistent exercise but nothing seems to be moving.  I say wait…keep pushing.  Usually dramatic results come in the 4-8 week time frame.  Either the wardrobe starts to show signs of bag or the numbers on the scale will decrease.

Think about the night cream…the hope is that the cream will change the texture of your skin and reduce fine lines and blemishes.  If you had hoped the cream was going to  produce a wrinkle free face with porcelain skin you were wrong.  There is no such miracle cream.

Exercise and eating a clean balanced diet doesn’t automatically drop you into a size 4 pair of jeans.  Eating a healthy diet accompanied with regular exercise is the ticket to better health, weight loss and decreased risks for stroke, heart attack and more. While the size 4 might be a long term outcome, the benefits of short term success is increased energy, stamina and better blood results.

Check the insta FIT mindset at the door.  Microwave FITness does NOT exist.  There is no pill, juice cleanse or speed super set to make it happen fast.  Think slow and steady long term weight loss.

I know that this attitude seems ancient and dusty in our fast paced society. The microwave screwed us all up.  But let us not forget the tortoise.  The elementary story that still rings true today.  The tortoise can’t change it’s legs.  He’s slow but he finishes for the win.  Sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting / working towards.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Right now take a bathroom full length selfie.  For the next 3 months go to work.  Dig in and do the work.  In four weeks, take another photo.  At the end you will have three or more photos to prove your patience.  A slimmer more healthy version.

Here is sample of exercises that will convert your body.  Diet also plays a significant role in the transformation process…think caterpillar and the butterfly.  Diet is 80 percent of the work.  My 6 week program comes with a meal plan that works.  I’m living proof.



Love, patience and endurance!



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