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Shin Bang

Walking in a winter wonderland is one thing.  Snow skiing on a wintery mountainside is another!

Please read, follow and shop along my small  “SNOW WOE” tale with a happy ending.

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Have you ever heard of or had first hand experience with SHIN BANG?   

In prep for an upcoming ski trip, two weeks ago I took to the internet like white on rice.  Before you judge me, this was not all travel, fun, fitness, fashion, and frills, this was all about action and protection!

I went to the WWW full force proactively searching symptoms as a hard attempt to get ahead of or prevent shin pain from snow skiing.  I googled words such as “snow ski shin exercises, shin pain, shin bruising, ski boot shin pain, best shin preventative measures.  This is when I discovered SHIN BANG!

Right before my eyes, appeared article after article on SHIN BANG, a label actually explaining an all too familiar painful phenomenon that effects 25 percent of skiers.  Thanks to the handy dandy internet I officially self diagnosed and delcare myself a victim of SHIN BANG!


WHO KNEW? Like there was even a diagram showing my very serious problem.  What a country.

Until now, I had not really discussed my ongoing shin issues with a professional but low and behold it’s a real big deal. I was jus so joyful to know that I’m not alone in my digruntled discomfort of ski side effects.  Apparently I’m not the only person on the planet who suffers from bruised shins after a day of snow skiing or snow boarding.

Shin Bang feels exactly like if someone who is bat shitzzz “MISERY” crazy were to swing a sledge hammer MISERY style directly into your shins. Only the pain is not on contact.  In fact, this heinous sports injury usually doesn’t start hurting or swelling until hours later.  Day two on the mountain is very uncomfortable.  The stress and pressure on the. swollen shin bone is hurtful but not unbearable.  Day three of course is without doubt a problem.  Others in your ski party will actually gasp if you reveal the onset of purple and black bruising along with the deformed puffy shin.  And if you can even muster the oomph to ski a day four and or five it is ONLY through mental mommy toughness.  The   blistering thought of sliding into a ski boot, is immediate sharp anguish in the tibia.  This is when I say “Take a shot!!!  FIRE BALL! “

this pic shoes a neoprene pad insert to help guard against shin bang

SHIN BANG is the designated olympic term in the ski world to describe the black and blue shin bruising that occurs for various reasons.  It’s painful and traumatic.  To make matters worse, once the contact and shin bang has begun there is not much to do but grin, bare it, suck it up or SIT OUT!

Moon boots

I’m sorry but I didn’t just pack a ginormous honking suit case, travel all this way, dress in four hundred layers, can barley catch my breath from the altitude, haul groceries into a condo, unpack ALL of the crap, rent the skis, haul the gear out to the ski lift, stand in line, take a gondola ride up a mountain, just to give up and SIT OUT!  ‘d wear these gold moon boots before I SIT OUT!  lol. ARE THESE NOT SUPER FUN?  Click HERE for the link  Only $160 they come in four masterful metallic colors!

THEREFORE…I have been on a very vital mission to prevent the shin infliction from happening in the first place.

My last two ski trips I have grappled with the shin discoloration, swelling and hurt.  Sort of a suck it up butter cup routine.  In between icing and slathering my shins in Blu-Emu and Blu-Emu lidacain cream.   I just figured that my form was arye and needed tweaking.  I assumed that this pain was my fault for sitting back the first few runs as I begin to get my ski legs adjusted.

But after further review there is much much more to. this ordeal than just form. It could be my boots and or my flat Fred Flinstone feet.  Because  I have flat narrow feet, my foot tends to slide inside the boot.  Although I try to compensate and wear two pair of socks and I keep my boots as tight as possible it never seems to help.

This trip I’m packing three very critical products.  These three products mushed together will surely, hopefully, fingers crossed, keep the shin trauma at bay.

First and most important is this EXTRA booster strap. This booster strap is suppose to hold the shin into the boot which prevents less movement and friction.  It gets 4.5 stars in ratings and reviews. This strap not only helps with ski control, which is hard once my shins are on fire, but also gripping the snow in tight turns.

The go to quick fix for SHIN BANG is to remedy the shin with a beer coozie!  Apparently skiers for eons have been shoving neoprene beer coozies down in the ski boot to help pad the bang.  I usually substitute FIREBALL to numb the pain but this year I will try gel pads, coozies and the BOOSTER STRAP!

I ordered all of the products from the comforts of AMAZON.

Covey Skin Ski Shin Pads

Booster Straps

  • Intermediate Model – Firm – One Pair (two straps). The Booster is worn by Olympians like Ted Ligety, Bode Miller and freeskier Peter Olenick.
  • The Booster Strap is an essential accessory for optimizing ski boot performance. When used correctly, it guarantees maximum ski boot performance and extraordinary ski control, improving comfort and completely eliminating the empty space between the boot tongue and shin, thus serving a shock-absorber function and aiding the prevention of shin bang and other boot maladies.
  • The Booster Strap is made of high strength elastomeric webbing with an anti-slip micro-adjustable cam buckle. The elastomer allows flexibility, vibration and shock damping. The cam buckle assures a better fit and more comfort.
  • The Booster Strap elastically fastens together the leg and the ski boot and provides direct ski control so the skis will start turning sooner and will end the turn faster.
  • The graded elasticity of the product allows skiers to choose the reaction speeds that best suit their technical and physical characteristics and skiing ability.

Ski and Snowboard Sock, Knee-High Performance Warm Skiing Socks

I also decided to toss away my 1991 wool ski socks.  The new technology in socks has moved with the times.  Ski socks come with built in shin protection and much more.  Hello, shock absorption and moisture wick fabric, packed into a single sock.   I have told yall before, SOCKS MATTER!

I plan to ski lights out five full days pain free! Wish me luck.

To the slopes dear Watson!

Moto high rise legging by Athleta (comes in two colors)

Apre ski is the PRIMO time to relax, decompress kick back and get cozy.  My age old Ugg boots won’t cut it walking in a wintery mix.  Therefore I saw this as reason to buy legit snow bootS.  I have been told that there is much to see and do in the quaint ski village at Telluride. I will need good solid waterproof  sole and warmth combined with style. I didn’t not like the last boots I blogged about.  The black on black moon boot look didn’t do it for me.

Mostrin Women’s Winter Snow Boots Waterproof Round Toe Suede Chunky Mid Heels Warm Fur Ankle Boots

These chunky fold over boots come in four colors.  Orange, camel, black and gray!  I was skeptical but these bad boys are spot on a SUPER. deal! Slip on and true to size.  Easy on easy off and they are decently warm.  The block heel gives it a little edge and stylish flare.   The under $40 price point is a no brainer.

GLOBALWIN Women’s water proof snow boot

These inspired by Sorel snow boots come in a variety of patterns and colors. They  remind me of a rain/snow boot.  I chose the grey quilted. fabric.  The boots fit true to size on me and I’m wearing 8.5. I adore the sporty look of these and can wear them with leggings, jeans. or sweats. These are under $50 and such a great bang for your shin…I mean buck.

I couldn’t decide so I chose to keep both.

Now for my uber fancy friviouls followers check these puppies out!  WITH DROOL…

Chloé’s ‘Rylee’ boots come in so many variations, but there’s no way you can’t recognize them instantly. Particularly apt for winter, this pair is lined in shearling and grounded with a hiking-inspired lug sole that wraps around the toe. The smooth black leather is embossed the house’s logo at the side, and it’s framed with a signature ‘O’ in gold.

But these Joan of ARTIC take the cake!  I WANT THEM WITH a PASSION!  This is such an ANGI shoe.  I actually had wedge Ugg’s before they were cool… Unfortunately I wasn’t super confident then..and sold them… THESE ARE classic, trendy and perfect!  Especially for the vertically challenged!  (like me)  Only $250 which for an investment of 5 years isn’t not a GOOD BUY!  I mean come on girls JUSTIFY!

SOREL Joan of Arctic Wedge II shearling-trimmed waterproof nubuck, suede and felt ankle boots

For $450 you can have buckles and sheerling!  I think these are funky!  But out of my budget for this year.  SEE BY CHLO’E

SEE  BY Chloe Only $174…This is the steal but on availble in this dark color!  I love love love these too!  I may have a shoe problem!

Also a good travel investment is this special buy….

This lightening Amazon bundle is $100 off the regular price.  Click the picture for the direct link.  The Ring camera is a fabulous tool for home or away.  The Ring camera access allows you to see anyone or anything at your door from your phone or computer.  If you are in town, out of town, or inside your house the Ring will alert your mobile device.  What will they think of next?

Lastly…before an epic ski trip I have several go to exercises that help me train for this fun fast snow sport.

PRE-TRAINING SLOPE READY EXERCISE, I do a ton of side lateral movements, shoulders and triceps.

Lateral movements train my heart.  Lateral movements raise the heart rate and speed it up. When your 10,000 feet above sea level and the air is thin, it’s hard to breath.  Therefore prep work with lateral movements helps strengthen the legs and heart for the coming week of deep breathing.

Side shuffles, tricep kick back with band, push outs and dips.

Slow heavy elliptical rides bending at the knees leaning forward.  This is practicing. good lean forward form.

Get in on the action and pre-train for ski season!

Love, ski and ski pain free!



Also I have several request to show my toothpaste!  This is hands down the best teeth whitening system to keep your teeth and gums healthy and bright white.

PS I can’t wait to share and report all of the hot spots, trails and goodness of Telluride!


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