Bringing Sweaty Back

Thanksgiving overload

We are a week away from Thanksgiving. A traditional holiday that fundamentally revolves around food, family and football.  Do yourself a ginormous favor and make a plan.  Heaven knows you don’t want to make the same mistake you made last year.  

Remember?  Remember you stuffed yourself so silly that you had to resort to the old pregnancy rubber band trick?  It was miserable.   No one wants to go there!

You have a few choices don’t ya know?  Eat before you go and focus more on quality family time and LESS on food.Yes, you heard me right.  Eat before you go.

I know to some of you this is foreign and completely absurd. Don’t freak out on me. Just listen, eat before the feast! Why would you eat before you go to a Thanksgiving feast?

The answer is simple.  It’s to save your sweet soul from hours of overeating. BREAKFAST!

Pour out your opinion instead of piling a plate sky high and eating to the point of no return.  Have I not taught you anything?

Listen up buttercup,  NOT EATING LEADS TO OVEREATING!   Eat a decent breakfast so by the time Thanksgiving dinner is served,  you’re actually hungry not ravenous.

Abercrombie & FITness recommends scrambled eggs and piece of wheat toast or an english muffin a few hours before you head out. Knock back a few boiled eggs and or a bowl of oatmeal and a big glass of water.  This high protein low carb number will keep you full until the dinner bell rings. This will also keep you from making crazy indulgent choices from skipping a few meals. Hellos – not eating leads to over eating.  Thanksgiving and over eating are almost the same thing to some folks.  So one the one day that fat free, low carb eating basically doesn’t even exist…don’t skip a meal!  By all means eat!

When you area seated or making the rounds through a beautiful buffett, pick the protein. Load up!  Keep your plate heavy with turkey, ham and deviled eggs! Also, natural foods from the earth are great choices even though aunt Sally Sue has most likely tainted her dish with mounds of butter. Have a spoonful of mashed potatoes or sweet potato pie but don’t go crazy. Take a bowl of boiled potatoes and make your own low fat mashed potatoes.

Scrap the processed cornbread stuffing.  It’s a overrated tradition.  It’s the acatual thing that makes you feel bloated and full so just pass on it.  You won’t die.

The green bean casserole is hands down a way better choice over the homemade mac and cheese. In the past I have always made a very sugary fruit salad. So sue me?! 

When all else fails, try to indulge in conversation instead of food. I know in today’s age that sounds un-American but try it. 

 Have a long chat with Uncle Bob and breathe in-between bites.  You might get sappy sentimental or crazy jealous listening to the young cousins discuss their college FREE little lives.  Ask questions that make the newly weds blush.  

Don’t get hyper and forget to hydrate.  Drink plenty of water my dear.

Girl, let me help you get out of clean up.

When the time comes to clean the kitchen, make like a turkey and trot away!  Make a run for it or doze off and take a little nappy poo. Let Aunt Martha and Sally clean up the leftovers.  If a nap isn’t your style, take the kids outside to play or walk around the block.  Get out of the immediate food area.  Look at it this way, you get out of cleaning and you will steer clear of the after graze effect.

If you should decided to give in to the buffet of dessert choices, pick wisely.  Make it worth the wait. Have a slice of pecan pie, coconut pie or chocolate pie.  Take a big delicious bite or two and be done. Pitch it. 

Laugh it burns calories. Enjoy the down time. R&R is a lost art! Bring it back. Give thanks for the day off. Make it a day of fellowship and REST. Take a load off, prop your feet up and curl up.

I found a few old thanksgiving photos. Blast from the past!  

As for me and my bunch, we are headed to a friends ranch. We plan to spend the majority of the time outside in the great outdoors.  We will have all the traditional pieces and the tube dialed into the Cowboys game. (it’s what we do)

 I’m genuinely thankful to be healthy. I’m thankful for my home and for this crazy year. I’m thankful for my job aka business. I have been so blessed to meet so many new people given my business model.

What are you thankful for this year?

Love, peace and give thanks!


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P.S. Don’t be jealous but my Christmas tree is up and decorated!  YAY ME!

Love, focus on the grace and Jesus face!


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