Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Some Like It Sweaty

I’m no stranger to sweat.  I welcome it with open arms.  But lets face it…no one likes the stench of mildew from a laundry hamper, gym bag or teenager…capiche?!?!?

As a mom of an active student athlete, I’m all too familiar with the odors that come from sweaty teenagers and adults.   To keep my house, home gym, closets and teen queen’s bedroom from smelling like a locker room, I have to take action.  Preventive odor eliminating action. 

One of my go to for odor traps like sweaty sneakers is this essential oil spray.  A few sprays into the shoe helps eliminate that horrific stinky feet smell from overtaking the space.


Spirtz right into the shoe before or after use.  An odor eliminating fighter with a fresh scent.

For years I have used SNEAKERS BALLS.  I have them in every closet to put inside of our sport shoes.  I also use these to keep suit cases, and other small spaces smelling fresh. I have been known to drop one down in a tote bag, gym bag and the teen queens lacrosse bag.

Sneakers balls are ultra light so they pack well.  I keep mine in my shoes when I pack them in my suit case to prevent smelly feet odor.  I hoard them in all of my shoes to keep the closet fresh.

Toweling off during a workout is important. I’m from a long line of sweaters.  These cool down towels are the bomb.  They are ultra light weight and sweat absorbing.

When this towel encounters sweat or liquid, moisture from the towel is drawn away from the skin, keeping you cool. The perfect size for this cool fabric is 40” * 12”, you can tie it to the headband, skull, wrapped around your neck or on your shoulders without falling off easily. You can also use it as a workout towel for rock climbing, golf towel for golf trips, running towel for training, and gym towel for fitness etc. 
This workout towel will be your ultimate accessory in any sports scene.

 Ultra-absorbent evaporation, soft to the touch, mesh towel does not have any chemical composition. 


FEETURES SOCKS are the very best. The fabric, cushion, moisture wick technology is second to none.  The non slip grip is essential to long runs and sweaty training sessions.


If your day job or profession keeps you on your feet, these socks are a must have.  They feel so soft and add a layer of cushion with the promise to keep your feet blister free.

For over five years now, my feet only slip into FEETURES SOCKS!

IT COSMETICS makes a sweat proof water proof CC cream that works!  Trust me, I put it to the test every single day! There is no streaking or funky water spots.  The product goes on smooth and even.  I love the illuminating which picks up light and provides a ton of hydration.  It’s my daily go to SPF.

IT CC CREAM illuminating SPF 50 Ulta $39

I found several from AMAZON for under $39.

Mini  travel size CC cream under $9

Waterproof under eye concelear.  

Original Foaming Cleanser

Now because I sweat, and wear CC cream and use sunscreen, and chlorine and salt water, I need to exfoliate once or twice a week to clean out my pores.  I have been using REMEVERSE toning and exfoliating cleanser for over 7 years!  It’s got serious scrubbing power but with gentle all natural ingredients.  A little goes along way.  It will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh.

Keep your head cool and covered with a ball cap.  How cute is the trucker style women’s hat?  It comes in blush pink, white and green.  It’s breathable and stylish.  Take it to the court or wear it on bad hair days!



This single piece of workout equipment is just begging for some solid sweat.  You will tear the terra core up with lunges, push ups.  Use it as a workout bench.  Elevate your FITness and work you core like never before.  If your Terra Core ever has a health issue or fails to excite you, they will repair it, replace it for FREE for as long as you both shall live!

AND GET THIS…the fine folks at Terra Core are offering a 25% off discount.  

Use promo code ABERCROMBIEFIT!

I trust it.  I believe it can and will improve balance, flexibility and core strength.  It’s not going to be easy.  It’s going to take time to learn it and perfect movements but the pay off is going to be totally worth it.  A tight body, better balance and diversity to the hilt.


Adidas Ultra Boost 20!

Share some sweat with me and my girl gangs.  I have a virtual training program for all FITness levels.  Full access to all of my workout sessions.

Abercrombie Unlimited

Only $65 a month for 3-4 workouts a week! This is personal training recorded workouts. Total body workouts designed for weight loss, drop inches, produce lean muscle and energy. Includes a meal plan!


I guarantee results and change.  Your health and overall energy will improve.

Open Back Tank Top 

Loving the price of my newest workout tank.  Only $16 and comes in 11 colors.  I ordered a small for a little extra length in the front.  It’s super light weight, soft and stretchy.




Love, sweat and live without regret!



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