Bringing Sweaty Back

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Ladies and gents the count down is on!  Only four whole days before the long awaited precious Christmas Day!

Are you scurrying around like a squirrel shopping from store to store in search of that one unique perfect price point best gift ever?

Are you a smart on line shopper with all of your ducks in a row?  I see you over there all  kicked back, sipping  wine and hot chocolate watching Christmas movies just waiting for all of the Amazon packages to arrive!  Soon you will be knee-deep in tape and wrapping paper tying up all the loose ends.  Others are busy about the kitchen duties.  There is much to prepare including baking and making cute nifty teacher or client gift bags which is STILL a lofty goal of mine.  I use to better at all of this Christmas hub bub!

Regardless of your current holiday spirit state, it’s critical that you pay attention to what I’m to say.   These next two weeks are make it or break it!  It’s a proven fact that these next two weeks can be a serious struggle.   The holiday novelty toddies, egg nog, baked goods, sweets, stuffing, casseroles  appetizers, candy, and crappy finger foods that are freely roaming the planet are up to no good!  

This magical time of year is a personal trainers paradise.  I can find some serious job security  lurking on counter tops and office desks across the United States. Sugar and rich buttery foods like donuts and fudge are so readily available for the taking.

Over the next two weeks…more so than any other time of the year…the possibility of over indulgence is at the peak and can be catastrophic to your health and physique.  

The problem is the year is at a stall.  People are off of work for Christmas vacation and food and inactivity are at every turn. The temperature has dropped making outdoor activity undesirable.  (unelss you live in Texas and get amazing days like today!  Big bulky cardigans and sweaters make friends with elastic waistbands and stretchy pants disguising our lady lumps and bumps.

Others are lonely and or depressed  playing right into the hands of over wine-whining ing and dining.   When we are tired and stressed out and we let our guard down!  Then in an attempt to “feel better… we end up stuffing our puffy little feelings with too much food.  The highways are full of Christmas travelers making bad decisions at every pit stop.  

At the time of year when we shoud be spreading  new year cheer and love we are sweet talking ourself into two more iced christmas cookies.  Oh something is SPREADING alright!  

People…wake up!  Snap out of it! 

Wake up and smell the coffee.  Start spreading the healthy news!

We are smarter than the emotional music and comfort food.  By all means take a few bites but push it back.  Take your earned vacation time and rest!  Sleep in and watch some football and Netflix but don’t do it for 7 days straight! 

Eat a donut but don’t inhale 5 in one sitting.  

Plan some type of activity like TOP GOLF or a pick up basketball game.  What about a family game of touch football or old school field day horse play!  Bundle up and take long walks.  Get out of the house and breath in the cold Winter air and sunshine. Drinks tons of water and hydrate.

Do it differently this year.  Don’t be another cultural statastic of the American population. Don’t let your thighs spread into the couch.  Be the family member that encourages good choices and games!  Be the fun aunt or uncle! Get into the gym before the festivities begin so you can eat guilt free. Earn it by burning it!

Don’t spread yourself so thin that you don’t eat because you are busy doing all the things for all of the lazy family members. This is not healthy.  Take time to sit and read and make a real plate of food.  Sometimes the hostess is so busy doing, talking, cleaning and prepping that she never really eats a full meal.  This is hard on the metabolism.  

A healthy balanced lifestyle EVEN DURING THE HOLIDAY is the goal. It’s lofty I know but you can do it.  I’m living proof.  Once you get your metabolism burning and churning you can cheat and never look back.  Cheat meals are encouraged but it’s one meal!  It’s a one time event!  

Christmas vacation is not CHEAT WEEK!  

Live a healthy lifestyle my friends.  


almond butter


Sperad the love, and the cheer and make 2019 your healthiest year!


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