Bringing Sweaty Back

Travel Day 

I’m on the road y’all!  We set out yesterday afternoon for an old school Griswold /Abercrombie Family vacation!  Me, Mr. Chicken Fry and the baby girl teen queen are east bound and down. #abercrombieabroad. Follow me on instagram

We are locked and loaded for a Florida beach vacation. I sit back, read, sing, sleep, pray and blog all the while Mr. Chicken  Fry becomes one with the road!  

He is the best driver!  He’s like a fun facts know and tell super star!  He points out all kinds of really unimportant, I mean extremely interesting tid bits along the way! He sings too!  We turn up our 70’s channel and blare our favorite groovy tunes!  It totally turns our teen queen on!  She plugs into Netflix grins and bears our two man sing song road show!  

 I will surly be reporting about all of my travel experiences and excursions but for now I give you a good old fashioned plyo metric workout!  Check out this video!  I made y’all an I-movie!

By using your very own body weight you can get in a superior cardio vascular toning type of workout from just about any where you have a floor or a stable chair!  This exercise combo is perfect for a home, office, gym or outdoor workout!  Take it with you anytime anywhere!  

Flutter kicks, suit case abs, leg lifts, lunges, tricep  dips and push ups.  Do 15 reps and 5 rounds of each exercise!  

What I love about FITness is that it’s doesn’t have to be fancy!   Begin with a warm up of some elementary style jumping jacks or jump ropes!  This will warm up your legs and pump up the old heart rate!  I repeat, if you have a floor and a chair you can do this next workout!  I did this quick ab & leg combo in my hotel room after breakfast! 👉🏼Even if you only have time to do one round of this workout it will 🔥fire you up! It will also start your fat burning machine aka the metabolism! 

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Trust me I didn’t write this program and video all of the instructions for it not to work!  I care about all of my clients who are face to face or via technology. I value healthy and creating longevity!  Get on board!  

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Love, flutter kick and be FIT! 💜

Angi xo 

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