Bringing Sweaty Back

Weekend workout (no equipment required) 

Welcome to the weekend. A 3 day weekend for many. I’m an hour and fifteen minutes from Dallas chilling at Cedar Creek Lake for the weekend. 

Three days with the mandatory four F’s; friends, food, fellowship and FUN.  

I never miss an opportunity to workout with a waterfront view. Oddly the weather is cool for North Texas which is not the norm!  In any case it was perfect weather for a morning sweat session. 

People… you don’t need fancy equipment to get a great workout!  Use what you have…your body.  Resistance training using your own body weight is no joke. In this video, I use furniture, a stone wall, a flat surface and my body weight. Try three to five rounds doing 10-20 reps each movement. Sculpt lean muscle with plyometric resistance. 

I started with a 15 minute warm up. I went for walk. You could jog in place for 2 minutes or do 20 prisoner squats. 

Try this 

I finished with a 10 min cool down power walk. Followed by a Quest protein bar and giant glass of water. Two hours later I was scrambling eggs and toast with a dollop of honey. 

How’s your weekend shaking out?  

Stay tuned for a Swinging Sunday fun day workout that you don’t want to miss. 

Love, shine and grind 

Angi  xo 

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