Bringing Sweaty Back

Spring break after math must haves

Spring is springing which means the sizzling Summer heat will soon follow.  As for me, I can’t wait.  I cherish ALL things Summer time.  But before I get ahead of myself, I’ll slow my roll just a tad.  Why rush things?

(if you are here for the workout only, scroll down to the bottom)  

Today, I’m gonna share a few of my savvy secret weapons for combatting the spring break blahs, time change and seasonal woes. A few staple items in the mix, I use to prevent aging, sweating, and sun damage. Products toward the end help me rest better and are “sure things” in my nightly routine.

On your mark, get set, here we go.

IT Cosmetics CC creamis the BEST!. <Here is a link for purchase direct from Amazon.   I wear this FIT


astic UV sun protectant cream on the daily.  IT…no pun intended,  literally stays on all day.  I alternate between the tan and the bronze and sometimes I get wild and mix them together.  My teen queen uses the medium color.  This is the first thing I, we, slather on our face in the morning.  I wear it in the gym, around the block, at the beach, on the slopes and it stays put.  I also (sometimes)  will set,IT, with the bye-bye pores powder also from IT cosmetics.

SECRET deodorant, strong enough for a man but made for a WOMAN!  I love this slogan!   I have been loving and using SECRET since the beginning of puberty, time! Why change a good thing?   I have never deviated from my under arm protectant because it WORKS and I smell like a pretty flower.  I might also just happen to wear the SECRET spring breeze scent!


Not only am I a creature of habit but so are my PITS!  I don’t stink (that bad) and it’s all because of SECRET’s secret antiperspirants!  It works under the high pressure of my lady sweat.

I’m still so madly in love with the BEST exfoliant cleanser on the planet.  Made by Remeverse.  It cleanses and tones the face while the micro exfoliant particles clean my skin and leave it feeling tight.  It foams up and smells delightful.  What’s more, I’m not the only one who can’t live without the RemeVerse Cleanser.  A big majority of my friends and family use several of the Remeverse skin care products.   I use the three-step regimen every night along with the acne medicine Remeclearand the wrinkle eraser, Remelift!

Don’t laugh…I’m being totally serious!

Just for Men Beard dye to tint your eyebrows and lashes! This isn’t just for men or for beards! It’s a multi functioned monthly staple in my house. Mr. Chicken Fry and I stand side by side, only he tints his beard and I tint my brows! In less than 3 minutes, from the comforts of home, my brows are a few shades darker.   You can purchase JUST FOR MEN BEARD from almost anywhere such as Amazon, pharmacy or local grocery store.  Sister, you will save some serious time and cash! Forget about the fancy salon dye….DIY this deal and move on!

Nightstand Must Haves

pressabottleBottled or glass of ice water.   I often use the PressABottle.  I prefer to infuse my water with orange or lemon in the evening.  It seems to cleanse my palate.  Click on PressAbottle and save 10% on your first order using promo code: AbercrombieFIT.  Bed side water can curb cotton mouth caused from the environment or all of the drying allergy agents we consume.  Water hydrates the body.  It’s always a handy habit to keep water by the bed in case you wake up choking or you over indulge in alcohol, or have a raging  head ache or you’re just thirsty.

Night blinders because I like it pitch black when I sleep.  I love my oversized night blinders because they cover the light from Chicken Fry’s late night NetFlix addiction.  I also take my blinders on all road trips,  over night or weekends away from home.   For the power nappers of the world, blinders can help you fall asleep faster/  Also in the mix are my electronic ear plugs called NoiseAway!  These electronic ear buds help drown out the sound of  Chicken Fry’s occasional snoring!

NoiseAwayfits comfortably into the ear canal and will cover up the disturbing sound and provide a pleasing…almost calming white noise.   The world’s smallest and most personalized masking device is a saving grace. It’s a small battery-powered device with a volume control.  The price point is super! For more information or ordering details on NoiseAway please leave a comment or email me at

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Love, LIFT and be FIT!



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