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FIT (free) Friday

Welcome back to another FIT Friday.

Today’s exercises are body weight movements only.  That means there is no equipment required.   I actually did this from the confines of my hotel room while on vacation.

Anything to combat the bloat and fluff from the salty margaritas and chips and salsa I was inhaling.

Give this workout a whirl anytime you’re in a pinch to get your heart rate up and tighten the torso.  You can do 3-5 rounds of 20 reps of each movement.

Leg lifts with a reverse crunch.

This is a combo movement.  A curtsy lunge right into a squat.  Complete 10-20 of these on each leg. If at first you feel totally off-balance don’t freak out.  This exercise is all about core strength and balance.  Keep the belly button drawn in and your chest lifted.


Also, I’m wearing my favorite workout shorts in the whole wide world, the speed short by lululemon.  I have an assortment of colors and patterns.  Shown here in solid white.

Next is the high knee to taps.  In this case I used a table but you could use a chair, the bath tub, a bench or something lower like the base board.  Do this for 30 seconds to 1 minute or longer.

Now, I love to invert and do hand stands so I took the opportunity to do some shoulder work.  I kicked up onto the wall and did 10 shoulder presses.  If you are not strong enough for the presses, start by holding a hand stand for 20-45 seconds.  This circulates and creates blood flow and in a small way gives you a face lift!  FREE NINETY NINE!

I moved from the hand stand right into a step up with a glute squeeze.  I alternated legs for 20 steps on each leg.  At the top of the step up I’m squeezing the buttocks on the back leg tight and hard.

Last, I finished up with side jack knifes.  Tucking in the knees at an angle creating an oblique crunch then pushing the legs back out as I lean back slightly.  This can also be done straight out which engages the lower abs.

Did I have my game face on or what?  I think I was in a beach trance.  I had the balcony doors wide open to the sound of the waves crashing on the sand.  The air felt humid and salty and I was in la la land.  Nothing like a workout with an ocean landscape.

The second workout requires equipment.  You can use free weights or gym equipment.

Position yourself into a football stance hike.  Place two dumbbells side by side.  Place your hands on the dumbells and one arm at a time, row the weight up.  Alternate arms to force the core to stabilize allowing the shoulders and arms to do the work.

I call this move plank to push back.  Beginners should not use weights.  Begin in a plank position and push yourself back toward the opposite foot and tap the toe.  This stretches the hamstring while also crunching the tummy.  A great arm and ab exercise.

I do love the curtsy lunge.  I especially like to pair it with a dumbbell curl.  Here I was holding two twenty pound weights so I only curled one arm at a time.  This exercise will throw you off-balance if you’re not prepared so focus and go slow.

I followed this up with the seated leg extension to work my quads.  Hold the weights up at the top of motion for 5 seconds release then do 20 reps.  BURN baby burn!

This was one of the weeks favorite exercise.  Another combo fly leg lift.  I kept the arms and legs on the opposite motion.  I would fly in while my legs were down, never allowing my feet to touch the ground.  Pulling the legs back up as I flew the dumbbells out to the side for a chest fly.

This works the abs and chest at the same time.  More bang for your time and effort!

One of my forte’s is creating custom workouts.  I love blending exercises for fast and effective FITness.  I train all ages, shapes and sizes.  I would love for you to be my next success story.  Whether you want to tone and tighten or drop a ton of weights, I can help. My FITness program comes with a proven meal plan.

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Love, lift and be FIT!

Angi xo

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