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There is nothing attractive about this word or what I’m about to share but I wanted to come clean. I have been a bit off of my blogging regimen due to some unforeseen issues that have put me down in the dumps.

When I was in Mexico I apparently contracted some type of intestinal parasite, also knows as the Mexican bug.

I’m almost positive that came from the fresh salsa I ate at the airport on our way home…sigh.  Mr. Chicken Fry never tasted the pico de gallo type salsa that I was inhaling so common sense tells me that my demand for one last bowl of fresh salsa did me in. I absolutely believe the fresh vegetables were either not clean or fresh and contaminated with parasites. Disgusting right!

About four days after our most amazing anniversary vacation,  I began experiencing some not so fun tummy trouble. I guess I had more Mexico Gains than I thought.  It was about thirty minutes after I ate a meal, I would have an onset of burning in my lower abdomen followed by watery diarrhea.  Every meal, every time.  My guacamole gut was going down but this was not a healthy or pretty experience.  Soon, nausea set in but even with a queasy tummy I still felt hungry.  It was bizarre. My tummy was gurgling constantly. It reminded me of when I was newly pregnant.  It sort of felt like a hangover that you want to feed. Thus I began heavy carb loading and stuffing myself with crackers, chips, baked potato, toast and soup.  I was purposely overdoing it on the red wine.  I have  been told that red wine soothes the stomach so I was intentionally tipping the bottle. Anything to try to make myself feel better and kill the bug.  Later, I began feeling sluggish and overall uncomfortable. I kept telling myself that tomorrow would be a new day and I would feel better but tomorrow never came.

After four days of enduring these cyclical symptoms I did what we all do, I google searched and medically diagnosed myself. I believe that I had contracted what is called travelers diarrhea. That’s a medical term.  It has such a special ring to it don’t you think?  Gross.

I had over 6 of the 10 symptoms. Yikes.

Whatsmore, when we arrived home I woke up the next morning and my torso was covered in an itchy red raised rash.  I just figured it was a heat induced sand/ saltwater/ sunscreen rash.  And because I was also starting to experience some sinus congestion I went to visit my primary physician and I received a steroid shot which cleared the rash in less than 24 hours.  But looking back this might have been another symptom my gut had been compromised.

A week later I made another appointment with my trusty doctor, our family physician, Old Town Family Practice in Coppell, and explained my situation. It was agreed that I had contracted an intestinal parasite that would require antibiotics. Nasty!

The point of this post is to warn travelers of this silent sneaky tummy bug.  I hope this can be a direct eye opener for travelers to exercise special precaution about what goes into their mouth during international travel. Be cautious about the places you eat,  and the food and water you drink. Stick with bottled waters and restaurants that come highly recommended. I let my guard down one time and robbed me several days of feeling normal.

Thankfully, within a day the antibiotics did their job, kicked in and I’m feeling more like myself. Which makes me appreciate all of the healthy days that I usually do have.

Good gut health is a valuable precious thing. I’m proactively taking probiotic to line my bowels with good bacteria.  In this process I have also learned that coconut oil, pineapples, apples, apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera juice are all great organic options to improve optimal gut health. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and sugary foods are to be avoided when your gut is in question.

While I’m still taking the doctors prescribed medicine, I’m also taking a shot of apple cider vinegar just as an extra precaution.

Mission parasite be gone!

BUG OFF!  ←if you’re still with me and not completely repulsed at this post, click here to see what was going down this time last year.  CREEPY! 

This is not the only reason I have been off of my game.  I have also been grieving the loss of my sweet grandmother.  She was 96 years old but it still caught us off guard.  Her passing was sudden and sort of threw us all for a loop.  You can click here to catch a glimpse of this wonderful special lady I called MamaLou.  She will be missed.

Now on with the show.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s FIT FREE Friday workout. The best from the week!

Love, hug and smile 

Angi xo

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