Bringing Sweaty Back


In light of my upcoming (47th) birthday I want to gift you with a passing of the torch so to speak.  I’m gifting you with my favorite timed workout in the whole wide world.  I’m passing the tabata torch to you!

For those of you who are new to TABATA, here is a tutorial of how it works.

click the link below!

NOTE: if you are joining the FREE Hi Sugarplum IG LIVE workout this Thursday at noon(CST) you WILL NOT DO NOT need your own timer.  


Tabata is a cardio crusher and way of shaking it up.  A unique way to challenge your mind, your body and your heart!  It’s an interval training.  HIIT (high intensity interval training) Talk about elevating the heart rate and burning calories. You can actually crush about 400 calories or more with 10 sets of a good Tabata.

 If you only have time for 30 minutes, kill 200 calories with a half!

I love Tabata because I don’t have to count.  It allows me to focus on breathing and technique.  I enjoy the fast paced 20 second intervals of 4 minute kick butt rounds.  It goes by really quick and before you know it 8 rounds are in the record books!    Only 4 more to finish.

One of my favorite ways to shake off the Summer fluff is to up my workout game and kill some calories with a tabata workout.

Tabata? That sounds like a snack…but it’s notta food.

If you want to try these at home on your own…you will need to download a timer.  I use this tabata timer. HI’2T found on the app store for less than a dollar.  

Tomorrow we will bust a move on these 8 exercise.

  1. Hold squat and row row row your boat.  Hold a deep squat and row the weights in squeezing your elbows close to your body working the back!
  2. Atlas lunges backward lunges alternating
  3. mountain climbers
  4. Heavy weighted prisoner squats – come all the way up on your toes for calf work!
  5. Curls
  6. Chest flys from the ground
  7. Plyojacks
  8. forearm plank


Tabata 2.

1) plie squat with around the head weight (circle weight around the head as you come out of the pile squat) deep inner thigh squats sinking back into your heels.

2) with two 8 pound weights do side laterals – every other round alternate to front laterals
3) spider push ups (from your knees if needed)
4) Med ball center shops – use a 10 pound med ball
5) Russian twists with 10 pounds
6) hip thrusts – lie back put feet up on incline, edge of treadmill, bench or stair, thrust hips up squeezing your bootie

7)shoulder presses straight up

8) Hold pile for all 20 seconds  (toes out sit down deep)
Let me know how sweaty you get?  Bust it up and let me know about it.

Ready set go!

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Love  ya alotta now go tackle these tabatas!!!

Angi Xo


  1. Hello. I’ve been doing the workouts via Cassie but wanted to find out about your Zoom program. Is it the 6 week 120$? I’m interested in the Zooms! Please let me know! Thank you

    1. Hi Melissa thanks for reaching out. I have always had a Pre/recorded virtual program it’s $120 for 12 workouts. My zoom workout is weekly. You can workout with me in a group training session 6 days a week or 2 times a week or 3 or one time. Etc. you pay me via pay pal, zelle or Venmo once I confirm you for the workout the night before. Ten min before the workout I text you the zoom code and you join via your phone or lap top. Cost to sugarplum followers is $15 for the first two sessions. Text me direct If you want to join in on a session. During home sheltering I was doing two classes a day and once it opens back up I will most likely have 3 a day two morning one afternoon. 214-794-2607. I look forward to hearing from you.

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