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Lake Tahoe

Happy Birthday to my Mr. Chicken Fry.

He’s the most energetic, charismatic man on the planet! He planned a quick “long weekend” get away to the all too cool Lake Tahoe.

It was our first time to visit the lake in its natural glory! The air was crisp.  The sunshine was strong and warm as are our hearts for this vintage lake resort.

V neck half button down pull over from Amazon. I’m wearing a size xs. Great casual top for transition season. Sneakers by Leather Crown!


We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe. It’s nestled on the North shore of the Lake. From the water, the resort reminded me of a scene from Dirty Dancing. The giant red wood trees and umbrellas on the beaches.  The Hyatt main hotel has plenty of family or adult amenities. There is a quaint casino and several restaurants. However due to covid19 restrictions only one main restaurant was open. The Lone Eagle restaurant is on the beach and a 2 min walk from the main hotel. This lodge style restaurant had impeccable food and service.  Not to be distracted from the indoor and outdoor spectacular lake views. There was a limited menu but I never felt deprived.  The resort was buzzing due to the holiday weekend.  The lay out chairs and cabanas were ultra packed with people itching for activity.  The beachside service was impeccable and the staff was happy.   The water was clear and a wee bit too cool for my blood!  The boats coming and going from the Hyatt doc made for excellent people watching.

We flew American Airlines out of DFW.  We book all of our travel via JIM GRAY.  Jim’s Travel Link has been managing our travel arrangements for over 35 years.  He is the best in the business for pleasure or business travel.  A one stop shop of travel knowledge and professional expertise.  214-720-1000

Check out this view from the LONE EAGLE RESTAURANT not to mention this tuna poke!   Just so you know, I didn’t enhance any of the pics below.  The lake water has an organic blue hue and is literally clear as a bell.  

One evening we had a nice dinner at the BIG WATER GRILLE up on the hill.  The food was not worth going back for but the view was spectacular.  Watching the sunset as the sky turned all sorts of yellows, pinks and purples was incredible.  Take a sweater because once the sun goes down it gets chilly in a hurry.

Chicken Fry sporting his new b day LULULEMON!  

I ordered these light weight pull over sweaters from Amazon.  Perfect for a casual evening or warm up over workout clothes. I have this one is a peach small waffle and a blue with a slightly bigger waffled texture.   I love the banded bottom and waffled texture.  DEEP V PULL OVER SWEATER

I’m wearing a small and wished for an XS. And you can find all of my favorite Amazon casuals and workout wear HERE!

Real estate

On Lake Tahoe there are hundred and hundreds of homes to see.  The shore is lined with stunning real estate.  Apparently a small 1960’s A frame with no updating would run you a soft 12 million dollars! Wowza! HEM HEM…the houses are all shapes and sizes. Some on the hill side and some on the water.  

Lake Tahoe is 22 miles tip to tip. The red line indicates the divide of state line. We has the distinct pleasure and privilege to board our friends boat and see all of the perimeter sites. The lake is crystal clear and pristine. We spent the majority of the days cruising and taking in the sites.

In the mornings we would eat and take a long walk among the red woods. The massive pine trees are nothing short of majestic. The smell of fresh pine and the up hill walk was exhilarating. The Hyatt resort had bike rentals but Chicken Fry isn’t a big bike guy…;(!  

I recently purchased the WET BRUSH from Amazon.  I heard that this brush is excellent for fine hair.  Effortlessly eliminating  tangles without breaking.  I figured after boating and swimming I could use some gentle assistance.   Designed with strong, flexible Intelliflex bristles that glide through wet or dry hair and bounce back to their original form after each stroke, the brush helps prevent split ends and breakage for healthy-looking locks from root to tip. If I think this WET BRUSH can help my hair even 5 percent I’m in!

I popped in the gym a time or two for a quick pump so sue me.

We lounged by the pool and took in the scenery.  It was relaxing and a perfect couples get away.  There is much to do if you prefer activities.  Biking, mountain king, hiking trails for days.  The spa was not open for services on our visit but it looked amazing.  There are near by pubs and restaurants.  I ordered salads and pizza from FUMU.

The change in climate was so refreshing.  The cooler temps and dry air was just what the birthday boy ordered.  Lake Tahoe is at 3400feet in elevation.  Every once in a while, mainly while exerting myself I would catch a wave of the altitude.

We crossed into California and took a visit to Gar Wood;s. A very causal lakeside venue popping with pretty people. They are famous  for their frozen gallon to go Wet Woody’s. (hangover in a bag). lol. It’s some incredible concoction of tequila, pineapple, peach and vodka!  Whatever floats your boat! The appetizers were above par and the scenery was easy on the eyes!

Would we come back?  That’s a big Texas HECK YES!

Love, breath in, breath out and see what’s it’s all about!



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