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Samantha: Success story

I’m taken by a true story. There is nothing like a true story to sweep you off your feet and tug at your heartstrings. I don’t read or watch a lot of fiction but honey I can get LOST all up in a true story. This month, it’s all about true testimonials at Abercrombie and FITness.

For one it’s been exactly a year since my company went virtual. The pandemic forced me to pivot and it’s been one of the most thrilling years of my life!

To commemorate and celebrate, I’m hosting a chain of SUCCESS STORIES starting with SAMANTHA!

I’m bursting with excitement to share Sam’s FITness…success story.

I’m starting with Samantha because I have known this gem since she was in grade school. It wasn’t until the summer before she left for college that we truly became acquainted.

Samantha was a typical active teen. She was highly involved in cheer and dance. She was supremely busy with the typical school activities and academics. However, once school was over she felt compelled to start a weight training program. LUCKY ME! This early riser was raring to go. In fact to date she never misses an early morning workout session.

Due to a tenured dancing career, she was no stranger to good form. She acclimated well and reaped the benefits of hard training. I sent her off to school, a size smaller and tighter.

During her college years at Texas A&M University, Sam only trained with me in the summer months and during Christmas break. It wasn’t until the pandemic that Sam would have a true opportunity to get a real dose of dedication. She got super serious about her FITness.


Sam committed to three hours a week to virtual zoom sessions! With a set of 10-pound, 8-pound dumbells and a mat, Sam went to work. I loved seeing her face three times a week. Samantha, always with enthusiasm, would participate in the chit-chat during our live sessions. It’s like girlfriend catch-up time. But make no mistake she/ we were working.

By June, Samanthas’s parents were amazed at her weight loss and definition. Over 20 pounds had diappared from her body. BUT WAIT there is MORE!

During transition

Being a new college grad during the pandemic was trying. Sam was newly graduated and “virtually” interviewing for a job. The stress of the pandemic and being unsure of the future was tough. But despite it all, she stayed locked in and full of energy.

In December Sam landed her dream job which meant she would NOT be able to do the live workouts with me and the other girls. BUT nothing was going to stop her momentum.

In January, Samantha purchased my monthly program. It’s called the PLAYBACK PASS. Unlimited access to every custom workout, up to four or five sessions a week.

Samantha admits to “missing” the LIVE sessions but made a vow to herself. To date, Same wakes up every morning at 5:30 am to get her Abercrombie & FITness training session in before work. She’s also admitted to upping her workouts from three sessions a week to five workouts a week and oh baby does it show!

Aside from kicking up the workouts, SAM dialed into her diet! She got serious about cooking and preparing her own healthy meals. And the rest is HER-story!

Working with Angi absolutely changed my life- physically, spiritually, and mentally. I’ve trained with Angi since I was in high school and I can honestly say there is not another trainer out there who will invest in your growth both in the gym and as a person to the extent that she does!

When I left for college, I was incredibly heartbroken I would miss out on my workouts with Angi. Thankfully, she equipped me with a digital plan that helped me stay active throughout undergrad.

While the COVID-19 pandemic turned our world upside down, the silver lining for me was Angi’s zoom workouts. I finally had the best of both worlds- living in my college town and working out on live calls with Angi.

After having my final semester of college ripped out from under me, graduating without a ceremony or a job, and stepping into the “real world” without a clue what would happen next, I hit a slump. I’d gained more weight than I ever have in my entire life. I lost all of my confidence, motivation, and joy.

Day by day, my zoom calls with Angi became a bright light in the gloom of lockdown. Angi helped me learn the value of exercise- not just for the physical benefits, but the mental and emotional growth too. She taught me how easy, clean meals can help fuel your body and your brain to accomplish all of your goals.

I sit here today 20 pounds lighter with a job, and a huge promotion, and one week away from completing my master’s degree. Angi instilled habits that created a lifestyle that lead to my wildest dreams coming true. Saying “thank you” doesn’t feel anywhere close to enough.

If you’re looking for a trainer who will help you lose weight and nothing more- look elsewhere. Angi will not just transform your body, she will transform your world! She is the most kind hearted, intentional, and giving person I have ever met. Her passion to help others in unmatched. Whether you join her on zoom or in person, I can guarantee Angi Abercrombie will bring joy to your life!

Her face says it all!!! Love you Sam!!!

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