Bringing Sweaty Back



Hello FITness friends it’s been a hot minute since I have been in your face with the FITness buzz! Today, I come bearing truth and good news!

Y’all ready for this?

NO matter how young or mature you are…you can lean out and build muscle! You can shed the fluff and fat! I speak from experience and maturity. I will be 50 in ten months know full well that in order to maintain lean muscle tone I MUST LIFT WEIGHTS!

Most beginners understand that in order to get lean it’s largely based on nutrition, whether you gain weight or lose fat. But if the specific goal is to get lean, the fastest way to get there is to train your muscles like you want them to grow. If you have never lifted weights, this might seem irrational. I beg you to listen and stay with me because I have over 25 plus years of professional FITness experience.

If you are at the start of your FITness or weight loss journey your max “heavy” weight might only be 8 pounds dumbells. This is A-OKAY! In order to grow the muscle you have to lift! Lifting weights will burn fat and build lean muscle at any age!

When you’re just going through the motions and doing circuits, machines at the gym, while it might get your heart rate up, it often doesn’t create much of a stimulus for your body to recover. However, if you’re training with real mechanical loading, real tension on the muscle, and putting your muscle through a lot of breakdown in the workout, it’s a more expensive stimulus to recover from. Expensive is a good thing. SUCH AS A 30, 20, 10! EXAMPLE – do 30 bicep curls with 10 pounds, followed by 20 reps with 15 pounds and 10 reps with 20 pounds!


In the long term lifting dumbells is more efficient for fat loss goals. Even if you’re just getting started, weight training is your new BFF! Especially, if you don’t want to get bulky.  WHAT DO YOU NEED?


I also find workouts bands to a great investment. My favorite workout bands for resistance training are the ARENA STRENGTH BANDS!



There is no need to view the lunge as a bodyweight movement. Load your lunges! Load your lunges the same way you do with squats and deadlifts. You can do lunges with wrist wraps for 4 sets of 10 each rep with a slow negative or 3 sets of 12 with some heavier weight. That’s going to get you more out of this movement than you would doing 20 plus reps. People often swoop the dumbbells forward when doing lunges for extra momentum, this is a no no…we want less momentum. It should look robotic and very vertical, plant your foot slowly, go down slow, up under control, and repeat.

One of the most sure-fire ways to expedite putting on muscle tissue is to overload the eccentric (negative) portion of the movement. It can be extremely challenging to figure out how to do that if you don’t have experience or a personal trainer.

I have numerous success stories and testimonials. I’ve seen the weak and meek turn into the strong and confident! I have seen the unhealthy become lean and vibrant. I have a knack for turning people on and into FITness lovers! Want to know why? Because positive energy feels good and the better you feel the more you want to tap into the source! Accountability is key!

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The hardest part is often cleaning up the diet! You will not starve in fact you might need more food! High doses of protein are a MUST! It’s important to shovel in the protein like a boss. Protein shakes, chicken, fish, eggs and turkey are all excellent sources of protein. Keep the carbs low and watch the metabolism flow! As we age, the metabolism will naturally want to crawl…but we want it to RUN! To keep it active, you feed your fat burning machine every 3 hours with fresh foods like veggies and good solid proteins!

Love, LIFT and feel the shift!


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