Bringing Sweaty Back

Crested Butte, Colorado

Happy new year everybody!

We had a white Christmas from the bustling valley of Crested Butte, Colorado. A place I hadn’t been since I was 15! What hasn’t changed is the darling quaint gingerbread town. Brightly painted shops, restaurants, and galleries galore! The town of Crested Butte is approximately 2.5 miles away from the ski base area. This to me is one of the minor downsides when on a ski trip.

But let’s talk upsides shall we! Did someone say pizza?

What is it about snow sports that makes you crave pizza? Is it because of the calorie burn or the sheer enticing smell and warmth on the inside of a pizza parlor?

THE SECRET STASH is the moxie of pizza! It’s sexy, crusty and ooie gooey goodness! Centrally located in town, this pizza joint isn’t the run of the mill. Think speak easy, artsy and posh meets high-end pizza! We ate pizza from the STASH at least three times if not more! Wondering why we don’t have one of these in DFW?!?!?


We stayed at the oh-so fantastic Lodge at Mountaineer Square. It is a ski in ski out super convenient condo located at the base of the mountain. From the condo to the slope was about a 50-yard pace! Primo location with a cutsie village atmosphere! The condo has a free ski valet, access to two high-speed chairlifts, and restaurants and bars all within 20 feet. I felt like queen skiing right into the outdoor ski valet, popping off the ski’s and handing them to the 5-star staff! WHAT A COUNTRY! The condo has a glass sky walk overlooking the large public fireplace and village center! Never a dull moment with this vantage of people watching for days!

There are a variety of mid-mountain shops and restaurants. All in-town and mid-mountain establishments are covid friendly. Tables spaced appropriately, masks required everywhere including while on the mountain. We enjoyed soup and burgers at the Avalanche Bar and Grill upon arrival.

We had a cocktail apre-ski at the local Iron Tap. A pup like bar with fab jalapeno poppers!

We flew American Airlines into Gunnison, Colorado. Y’all already know that I had my groceries ordered and waiting for pick up at the local CITY MARKET grocery store (affiliated with Kroger). Upon retrieving the groceries we did a 45-minute drive straight through the town of Crested Butte before arriving at the lodge at Mountaineer Square. Due to COVID, the mountain is limited to 25% capacity. Therefore we had to make ski/snowboarding reservations. Click here to find an Epic Pass location and make your mountain reservation.

I treat a trip like an important job interview. I cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. I pre-arranged Presley’s snowboard rental and had it delivered the day we arrived we’re via! Mr. Chicken Fry and I bit the bullet and purchased our very own ski’s and poles this year from Sun & Ski Sports in Grapevine, TX.

Mr. Chicken Fry ordered this double rolling ski bag from Amazon – ATHLETICO SKI BAG a must have for traveling with your own ski’s, boots and poles. He was able to fit both of our our ski’s, helmets and boots into the bag!

We rented a one-bedroom two bath condo. It was perfect for me and Mr. Chicken Fry and the teen Queen and her friend. The big open kitchen/living room space with a fireplace and balcony was spacious and accommodating. The picturesque Mountain View was ever so breathtaking. The town danced with twinkle lights making our Christmas vaca special. Due to Covid restrictions, the fitness area, spa and hot tub facilities were off limits. This was a tad sad because I really love to hot tub after a day of skiing lights out!

We had Christmas Eve dinner at ELK AVE PRIME. A cozy chalet with all the fun fixins. Fire places, natural stone and excellent service and food! They have all the beef a human can devour. I opted for the TUNA steak – so sue me?! PS Elk is a high protein lean piece of meat that is ABERCROMBIE & FITness approved!

We skied (unscathed) for 6 days in a row. It was majestic in every way. The conditions were incredible and the mountains ski slope was impressive. There is one black diamond call INTERNATIONAL – it’s one of the longest black ski runs in North America. We must have skied it 50 times or more! One super long groomed steep terrain from top to the bottom. The feeling of riding the skis at what feels like mach speed is exhilarating.

We played family friendly card games such as LCR, UNO and OK BOOMER!

My only critiques of Crested Butte are minimal. I wish the town wasn’t 2 miles away. While there is a free (school bus) shuttle system that runs from morning until 2am…I prefer a good walk or gondola experience. (I’m getting old and set in my ways). I also wish like Telluride, that the high-speed chair lifts had a bubble to keep you warm as you ride up the mountain.

Speaking of warm, I got the BEST Christmas present ever…HESTRA ELECTRIC SKI GLOVES these bad boys changed my life! The waterproof, rechargeable heated mittens changed the game for my frigid fingers. My fingers get so cold that usually have to thaw out every four runs – NOT THIS TRIP! It was game on. I could keep it on two out of three heated settings and it would last me 6 hours! I was skeptical because I have tried it all…but these gloves are the REAL DEAL! Pricey but WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

Also on the Amazon pre-ski check list was some goggles for the hopes of a few snowy days. What do you know they worked like a charm. These filtered goggles were primo for the three days of snow! Only $24 and they come in a zillion colors.

Or these rainbow ANTIFOG goggles for sunny days – UNDER $25 I have a pair in pink and black! They are warm, adjustable and I don’t freak out if I get a scratch on them!


Our friends rented an amazing house in town. It was five star and I would recommend it big time. Located on a green belt backing up to a glorious mountain view. This five-bedroom three living areas home had all the right stuff. Hot tub, heated towel warmers the works. A chef’s kitchen, fireplace, and plenty of space to spread out.

Love, live, ski!



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