Bringing Sweaty Back

Intentional 3 month check in

My word for 2023 is INTENTIONAL!

At the first of the year, I committed myself to some intentional intentions…if you missed the post, simply click HERE!

Now it’s report card time…so how am I doing so far?


Instead of doing a super sonic juice cleanse, which I’m not a fan of, I decided to invest my money in supplements. As a healthy 49 year old I don’t intentionally take a daily multivitamin. Therefore, I started taking a multi pro/pre/post biotic. Two capsules a day for good old GUT health. I chose with the “Leaky Gut” formula even though I’m fully repulsed by the title & description. I chose it solely based on the full digestive benefits. First off they are odorless and tasteless. Second, there is zero smell or nasty burp vitamin after taste! (I JUST HATE THAT). What I have noticed in two month is a flatter way less bloated belly and regularity like a MOFO! CODEAGE LEAKY GUT

I also opted for some APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Gummies – two a day! They are a mild fruity in taste and offer hair and skin benefits which is life long pursuit for me! I buy the 60 count. The gummies are the first thing I put in my mouth when I wake up (besides a tooth brush).

I have been adding a scoop of collagen peptides to my coffee for at least three years. It’s great for joints, mobility and overall digestion. I needed a new taste so why not try the CHOCOLATE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES ? I’m normally not a chocolate flavor girl however I had a hankering for something new.

Now I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. A cup of hot chocolate (a sweet treat without the cheat). I add a full scoop of chocolate collagen/protein powder to my first cup of coffee with a dollop of honey and skim milk. It’s not too sweet and it’s not clumpy. The benefits are yet to be seen but the taste is oh so yummy!

Platinum Multi Collagen Protein Supplement Skin hair joints and nails! SIGN ME UP! I don’t mind overdosing on collagen and biotin. I’m going down doing all I can to grow hair and fight the wrinkles. CODEAGE products are pure, cruelty free, gluten free and VEGAN!


I ordered a back stretcher. Y’all we all need to stretch. We aren’t getting any younger and the more limber we are, the better our balance and strength will be. Back strength is vital to balance. This stretcher from EVERLASTING COMFORT is a two-fer. It functions as a lumbar support and a back stretcher. Just 5 min a day will help stretch and crack your back from the privacy of your space. This stretcher offers three (3) settings for stretch and has a nice padding. Its easy to adjust the incline and stores flat! It’s light weight, easy to pack for travel and or storage!

Calf stretcher

This manual calf and hamstring stretcher has been a big big help. I think I’m at the beginning stages of plantar fasciitis. Therefore stretching my foot & calf is highly important.

It has 6 levels of pull/ stretch and will keep the tendons and muscles loose! Help ease pain and tight ligaments and tendons by daily (twice a day stretching). In home stretching or packs light for air or car travel. DMoose Calf and hamstring stretcher


Rest is one the biggest favors you can do for optimum health. Sleep is restorative and wonderful. I recently invested in a soft memory foam pillow. Everlasting Comfort has nailed the king adjustable pillow. It holds tiny green team micro fiber soft foam for max comfort. The pillow can be adjusted by taking foam out or adding foam for a peaceful nights sleep. The pillow is perfect for back, side or tummy sleepers. It also comes with a cooling pillowcase. It’s plush, soft and maybe my favorite pillow of all time!

Love, stretch, dream and sleep!


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