Bringing Sweaty Back

Is determination enough?

Unfortunately the answer is, “no, no it isn’t.”

If you are determined to lose weight, I’m proud of you.  This is a great place to be and a good place to start but this it isn’t enough to get you to the goal line.

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How to get to the goal line? What’s the secret?

What is enough is getting to that raw, once and for all space in your head.  You have to want to end the yo-yo dieting streak.  You must be ready to terminate the excessive weight gain and pesky unwanted pounds.   You have to stop sabotoging your journey to a healthy life.

If you have come to this fork in the road, over and over “but this time it’s different” mode just STOP and breathe!  Take a mindful walk around in your head to be sure that “THIS TIME”  it’s not about the dress or the upcoming event or the beach vacation or the girls trip or the NEW GUY! Breath.  Ask yourself the hard question and come to the reality that I’m right!  The failed attempts were about someone or something else instead of your best interest.

This has got to be about you and you only!

When your mind is right you get a first down. When you’re positively sure that you are ready for change because your sick and tired of being sick and tired of budgling tight clothes and the muffin top and feeling out of breath, and afraid to try, and the growing number on the scale, and the risk factors and the dreaded doc appointment and the prescription pills and XX on clothing tags, embrace it!  FEEL IT and use it!

Use all of this and forge ahead with it because in front of you is the possibility to transform.  Did you hear that…you can transform your health. Unhinged transformation.


Are you open to advice?  Are you open to trying weight loss a different way?  Are you willing to listen and place value in a FITness professional or nutritional health coach?

This is so vital to the process. All great players have a coach. Olympian’s, athletes, musicians, vocalists, etc all the greats have instruction and coaching. True weight loss is the same. Being open to an accountability coach is not a negative approach.


It takes a true act of doing something for at minimum 3-6 months to see a change and reap a different result. Also, consistancy is a big factor.  If you consistantly eat healthy food and exercise your body and healthy will change.  

These actions may seem unfamiliar and cause a lot of upfront discomfort.  It’s going to be disruptive to all that you know.  BUT…look at it this way, you have to weigh, no pun intended, which life sucks worse?  Is it the work that it’s going to take to be well, FIT and healthy or all the other stuff I listed above?

If you take action, eventually you could end your prescription meds for high blood pressure.  You can speed up your metabilism and reset your fat burning machine.  You will sleep better, feel better and look better in the process.

There will be sweat, there will be times of angst and slight hunger but your health is worth it.  End the suffering and the shame and guilt.   You are worth it!  Feeling better is on the horizon.  Because what sucks worse was where you were not where you’re going.

What you have been doing isn’t working for you.  Just reading the book on nutrition and diet from your sweats munching on bon bons isn’t doing you any favors.  Excessive happy hours and skipping lunch and over eating night after night isn’t your friend.


Determination is not enough!  You need help!  You need assistance and guidlines to act on!  You need encouragement from someone other than your go to gang.  Determination is not enough.  You must start exercising.  Lifting weights burns fat.  Even small 5 pound weights will help burn fat off of your body.  Determination is not enough when it comes to diet.  DIETs fail because people get weak.  The quetion is how much enough is enough are you willing to tolerate?  Change the old ways.  Eating as you knew it is gone over bye-bye now.  You have a new way of eating.  Eating small nutritional eats/snacks throughtout the day will speed up your metabolism and help the fat burning process. You have to think high protein, low fat low carb foods.

Having second thoughts?  Go back to the beginning or read this…

You are burnt out.  You’re spent!  You’re mad at being overweight and ready to fix it because quite frankly your tired and emotional all the time.  You’re round and round behavior with food has made you feel swolen and sad.    The foolish boozing is crushing your waistline causing you to binge eat late at night.  This is a vicious cycle so EXIT.

Do somethng DIFFERENT!

Anything is hassle before it becomes a habit ~ Angi Abercrombie

Losing weight and keeping it off takes openess, action and truth.  It’s totally doabale!  I’m living proof. I’m also standing by to help you conquer your health.

I love you all and hope your Summer is treating you well.

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Love, lift and be FIT!


5 thoughts on “Is determination enough?”

  1. Thank you so much for being such a positive influence on my being healthy journey!! I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 1/2 years ago. With all the surgeries that ensued as a process of my treatment. My workouts and eating began slacking. And after my hysterectomy (cancer sucks!) i noticed my weight start to creep up even more. My oncologist made it perfectly clear that my cancer was estrogen driven that fat produces estrogen and I needed to stay at a healthy weight. So that’s what I did! I subscribed to the beach body app and I’ve done autumn Calabrese‘s 80 day obsession. And then I found you! And your positive motivating words have kept me moving. So thank you so much for that and especially for your post today. As it is summertime and it’s easy to slip into old habits . But I stand here in my kitchen prepping my breakfast and getting ready for my work out. The determination is there all the way! Thank you again so much Angie and have a great weekend 😍

    1. Janine Day. Thank you!!!! What a sweet comment and thank you for stopping by. I’m so sorry about the whole nasty filthy cancer stuff. I’m just so glad to hear you haven’t given up completely. I’m entering you into the drawing for my giveaway. Xo. Remember a hungry body is a healthy body! Have a blessed weekend

  2. Hi…I want to enter to win. I have 6 weeks to get my stamina up before surgery..doctors orders!!

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