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The heat is still sweltering hot and I thought y’all could use another cool summer meal. This one will take you through the Texas September warm weather and is a Labor Day weekend hit.

Yesterday I concocted another version of my original LITE CHICKEN SALAD. Like my infamous lite chicken salad, this too is bold yet sweet. It’s got a solid kick and a Mexican flare. I was inspired by my sweet friend a Debbie from a tale of two ankles!

I rummaged through the vegetable drawers of my fridge and the weekend grill out left overs. There is no shame in cooking and using what you have.  I’m all about no waste and using left overs to make a new fresh meal.  I found some veggies and foods that needed to be used. Fake it until you make  will forever be  my motto. I pulled out my cutting board and food processor and went to town.


Rotisserie chicken




Green or red onion

Corn (sweet shoe peg)



Lime juice

Sea Salt and pepper

(can add cayenne and cumin for a spicy blend)

Total prep time: 10-15 min

Top off the salad with a drizzle of your favorite chipotle sauce.

This food processor is under $15 and saving grace on prep time.


I like to put my onions, jalapeño and cilantro in a food processor.

I cut the cherry tomatoes in half and cut the left over corn off the cob. Why not use leftovers to the best of your ability.  We had grilled this corn on the grill the night before.

This summer salad is so firey and delicious. There will be a full fledged fiesta going on with each bite. You could serve it alone or over a bed of lettuce, cilantro rice or quinoa.

Slice the avacado thin and place it around the plate and not into the actual salad. Avacado tends to get brown and gooey so it’s best to serve it separately.

If you don’t have rotisserie chicken and or all of the accountrements on hand you can always spicy up leftover grilled chicken and rice.

I added some sweet mini peppers and corn into the rice. I put some tobacco on the chicken and had a lovely lean lunch.

This high protein low fat meal deserves a workout equally vibrant and colorful.

Burpees are straight up awful. They are my least favorite exercise.

sumo deadlifts are full on effective. I went light today because I was pooped from the weekend.

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Love, lift and be FIT

Angi xo

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