Bringing Sweaty Back

FEAR – feeling encouraged and ready

FEAR.  What an ugly word.  I hate it.  CHANGING IT!!!!

  • Feeling
  • Encouraged or Energized (or both)  or EAGER
  • AND
  • Ready to…RUMBLE

Feeling encouraged and ready to rock!  

Now isn’t that better!

Fear, before I changed it, is a blood sucking parasite and a hinderance to daily life.  This destructive devil comes around yapping in my ear like it own the place.  Like it knows me!  (snap)  OH no you didn’t!  The NERVE.  Stupid fear.

I’m certain you know what I mean.  The type of fear that whispers in your ear only to cripple your plans. Fear will throw you down leaving you flat on your face.


“You’re not _______enough.  You can’t do that or go there or hang out with them.  (insert smug laughter) Don’t even think about it, you are  way out of your league.  Why even try?”

Yeah, recognize that voice…it’s not you,  it’s FEAR whispering lies.  LIES I say!  Falsified claims that have no warrant.  Who is fear to boss you around?

Ever heard the phrase misery loves company?  So does FEAR.

It tricks you into a sedentary position only to paralyze you for decades.  SNAP out of it friends.

fear, (unworthy of capital letters from now on, take this…

We the people, “Feel Energized And Ready to roll over crazy lies.”

CRUSH IT, KILL IT rinse and repeat.

Be the boss.  I know you really want to get back in a workout routine.  fear says… “it’s December, please child, who starts a workout regimen during the holidays?  (insert crazy joker laughter)  YOU DO!

fear fires back, “Today? you want me to start a workout program today?  It’s Friday, blow it off this weekend and start Monday.”  But you say, “Screw you fear. I’m ready…Feeling Energized And Ready NOW.”   Now watch me LIFT!

fear says, “come to the couch, drink another drink, you won’t have a hang over, wash it down with a pint of ice cream, who want’s midnight Whataburger and fries?”

Screw you fear!  fear has landed you right back in the same spot.  fear doesn’t ever do you any favors so why do you keep it around?


Has fear been holding you captive?  What are you ready to accomplish?  Kick fear to the curb because there is a new sheriff in town and his/her name is ________!

  • lose weight
  • get your degree or degrees go back to school its never to late!!!
  • start a workout routine
  • write that book
  • meet new friends
  • find a different job
  • retire
  • say “I do”
  • have kids
  • run the marathon
  • sell the house and move to Florida
  • learn the new language
  • travel

You are Feeling Encouraged And Ready to proceed!


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.



Ask yourself…what’s the worst that can happen?

  • You will waste your money?
  • you will actually lose weight?
  • you can drop a dress or jean size?
  • you will increase energy?
  • you will decrease risk of stroke and heart attack!
  • you will need less medicine.
  • you will have tried something new.


Love, kiss and live fearless 

Angi xo








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  1. I am so ready to break fear’s schacleks off of me. All I know is that Fear gremlins don’t discriminate. Reading “Triggers” by Goldsmith to get me going. Thanks for the encouragement to stay on track.

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