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Scale Away

Come scale away, come scale away and throw the scale away!

Trust me girl… that scale is NOT your friend.  The scale is more like the rude, back stabbing friend that you tolerate and let back in your life.  The scale represents way to much drama for a girl like you.  The numbers are nothing but a mind game creating unhealthy mood swings.   Now stop it already!

Besides, you don’t really need it!  There is a better way!  THERE IS A BETTER WAY!  A much BETTER way to measure progress without getting hurt and upset!  Seriously girl, go chuck it the trash or put it the back row or up in the balcony or whatever you do when you make the final decision to cut ties. Sever it sister and move the flippty flip on. You’re smarter than the scale.  BE SMARTER THAN THE SCALE!



Make new friends or reconnect with an oldie but goodie.  Head straight toward your closet!  I’m willing to bet you have plenty of clothing dying for your attention. Make friends with a few of your favorite pieces. Pull out one of your very fav well fitted t-shirts or “go to go out tops.”  This special top is the new meter.  Think of it as a true blue, brutally honest friend. Clothes don’t change and can’t let you off the hook.  This shirt you have chosen doesn’t lie and will tell you straight up when it’s time to put down the wine, get off your lazy butt and grind.  This special top that you adore is your tell-tale sign of the actual situation you are facing.  This beloved top reveals the lower belly lumps when you’re up a 8 or more pounds.  This same top or shirt tucks into the jeans with ease when you’re down five pounds.  The little black dress that you love but have outgrown, that’s also your new BFF.  That is your trusty new friend who you meet with on a weekly basis to mark your progress.

When your new friend is overly tight and snug or you can’t even zip it up, it’s her way of saying it’s time to get serious.  You don’t need a scale to tell you or remind you 10 times a day.  All you need is that one pair of jeans or dress to motivate you or tell you like it is.


Ladies, listen up, we weigh produce not our bodies. I’m not even sure anyone weighs produce these days, but the point is,  the scale is a thing of the past. As an industry professional and a great girlfriend, I’m telling you the truth.  The number on the scale is just a number.  It doesn’t really mean anything!

If you’re the type of girl who desperately desires a concrete number then by all means get out the measuring tape.  The user-friendly measuring tape is not near as mouthy and in your face as the scale.  It’s like an old friend who moved away. Occasionally you plan healthy visits to catch up and chat about how far you have come. I think it’s perfectly fine to measure yourself…EVERY SIX WEEKS!  There are 5 major areas of the body to measure.  Triceps, chest, hips, waist and thigh.  Always measure on the dominate side of your body.  If you’re right-handed, measure from the right side.  Make sure to measure at the beginning of the day or before a workout.  Write down the results and HIDE them.  These numbers,  measurements, will not get in your head and bring you down.

Next, try on the tightest pair of jeans or pants you own. Squeeze into them or don’t. Self awareness is at stake here.  Take note of how snug and or claustrophobic you might feel. Pay extra special attention to the muffin top spillage and the tightness through the thighs.  That’s a good friend.  A good friend that reminds you of where you don’t want to be.  A friend that says, ok so here ‘s a plan to get you back in shape!


You bought those jeans to wear not to hang in your closet.  It’s time to go to work.  Lifting weights burns fat!  That’s a fact straight from my playbook.  Girlfriend to girlfriend, I promise you will NOT  bulk up lifting weights. You will burn fat and build lean muscle.  You also might need a good friend to tell you that those double chocolate coffee drinks from Starbucks aren’t doing you any favors.  So here it goes, “stop already with the fast and fried foods.  clean up your diet.”  This is savage friendship stuff right here.   Do the work.  Drink water.  I get my daily water intake by my PRESSABOTTLE.  Infuse and lose!  Check out the link for further details.


Give it time.  Give yourself a solid 6 to 8 weeks worth of consistent dedicated effort.

Then you have my permission to do one or two things.  Go back to the FITting room, aka your closet and try on the outfit.  Most likely you are already noticing the discipline doing it’s job.  You’ve experienced the extra room in your every day wear.  For those accounting junkies, roll out the measuring tape for a reveal. Compare the numbers.  At first, it might not be a dramatic change but if you keep doing the work you will lose inches.

Health o meter my butt!  This was the ultimate moody meter!  It’s a goner! Bye Felicia!

CONFESSION…I once was a scale-aholic.  I mean I was a bow down, all out slave to that piece of crap antiquated mind warp. One day I actually swallowed my pride and took some free advice.  I checked my self into scales-anonamous and never looked back.  Scale away.  It was one of the most liberating decisions of my life.

Now, I live free and basically by the seat of my pants.  I workout, eat a healthy clean balanced diet, drink tons of water and I try on clothes. (this is not so bad, am I right??) I measure my good and bad habits by how my clothes fit not by the numbers. I’m more balanced and in tune with my body than every before.   You too can have this type of freedom.

Love, peace and step away from the scale…please!

Angi xo



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