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I know that so many of you have been on the edge of your seat eagerly anticipating  my giveaway announcement.   I mean there is nothing like a fresh new month and the hope of winning.

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Without further ado, the lucky winner is…

Aubrey Garcia!

At this point, I’m not sure if Aubrey, who is actually loca, will opt for the virtual workouts or group training sessions.

What I do know is that Aubrey is a new mom to a precious four month old daughter.  She also manages a demanding marketing position but she is ready to shed the last of the baby weight.  I can’t wait to give Aubrey the tools and motivaiton to bounce back!

What I love most is that she is willing to carve out the time to focus on her heath and FITness. As a new mom, Aubrey has realized that energy and stamnia are required to fulfill her roles. Like so many of us multitasking moms, we need to be healthy for our family and our selves.   I’m thrileed that she took the chance and entered to win four free group training classes.  This is going to be the perfect medicine for her body, mind and soul.

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In other news, as a token of my love and appreciation to my loyal followers I want to gift EVERYONE!  AS of today, I have discounted my virtual workout program.  (click for more detailed info on what is virtual training? ⇑⇑⇑

From now until August 14h you have the blessed opportunity to save money and get FIT!   It’s your for the taking.  Simply click below.  You will change your body composition.  You will work hard and reap a healthy reward.

WARNING: exercise can cause weight loss, confidence and lower blood pressure.  

12 workouts plus a meal plan all for the grand price of $100.

Don’t miss out on this special back to the grind special offer. All FITness levels welcome.  This is a work at your own self paced program.  I’m always available for questions about food or specific exercises.  It’s a results driven regimen.  

Lastly, be on the lookout for Friday’s post on CBD!   I have been in the trenches researching and learning all about cannabis and the many health benefits.

Love, lift and enjoy the gift!





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