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Hangin in the Caymans

The vacation scene on Grand Cayman is highly underrated. Yall it’s a straight-up playground for ambitious ocean lovers and vacationers alike. My only question is what took me so long?

Grand Cayman has options galore.  Activities out the wazoo, such as water sports, colorful art, scenic ocean life, dining, wining or of course rest and relaxation!

Stepping off of the aircraft into the warm sunshine is an instant mood enhancer.


To know us (my family) is to know that most of the time we need a vacation from our vacation. It’s rare that we sit still for very long.  When on “vacation'” we are like adrenalin junkies.  We set out to make the most out of every day sun up to sundown.

As first-timers, we felt like full-fledged tourists. We fit the official definition which is anyone traveling for culture or pleasure in the unfamiliar.


What is always familiar is the exquisite Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. Centrally located on 7-mile beach it sparkles and smelled of fresh flowers and essential oils.

Just look at this pristine clear water. It’s a slightly course sand which slowly melts into the water merging with scattered large rocks. Watch your step.  I was slightly disappointed from a sea-shell hunting standpoint because there are very few treasures to sift.  Also surprisingly there was not a single sand dollar to be found. Like always I did build a small sand castle version of Texas Stadium which came in last to the first place mermaid!

Straw Hat from Nordstroms BRIXTON I’m wearing an XS

Check out the spectacular view from our center stage ocean /pool view room from the 4th floor!!  STUNNING RIGHT!

Mr. Chicken Fry kept a watchful eye out for Tom Cruise…aka Mitch McDeer, the main character from John Grisham’s The FIRM. We never saw Tom, but I did have two celebrity sightings during our stay.  Heeeyyyy HAAAAYYYY Kelsey Grammer/ Frazier! My friend captured a candid photo just before making some ocean small talk.

Later in the week, I did a double-take, walking by the pool, when I noticed Fox News contributor Tyrus/ aka Brodus Clay.#nuffsaid He was kind and generous enough to pose for a pic. Love your work dude.  Keep on doing what you do!

A show of hands please of anyone else out there 40 years of age and above, that is dumb enough to attempt FLY BOARDING?  MEMEMEME!  So, I have always wanted to try it.  It looks so cool and so fun.  And I’m sure it is IF…and a big IF you can ever master this free-flying picnic.


Let me be the first to say that unless you’re some superstar surfer with supersonic balance this ride takes time. Lessons are in order.  Like a 45-minute lesson every day of the trip and cross your fingers that the last day you can stay up longer than 8-10 seconds.  I should also warn that day drinking will not improve your balance on the Fly Board. 


So, with the added pressure of an adult and teen audience, I volunteered to go first and access the danger before allowing anyone else to die!  Here is what happened.

I was strapped into two soft boots and left floating with a life jacket and helmet.  Slowly the jet ski pushed my body out to sea like a dolphin. This would end up being the highlight.  The power is coming from a jet ski attached to what looks like a giant thick fire hose.  Once I was away from shore and able to grasp the feeling…I became over confident that I would get up and stay up by my third try.  UMMMM not so much!  I should have known when the guy asked me…”have you ever been on a hover board? surfed? waked surfed or skateboard?”  I’m a hard NO on every one of these.  But I went for it anyway.

The power and thrust jetting my body up from the water is exhilarating.  The problem for me was the not knowing when or how to bend your knees or stand up straight or lean back…now lean forward…all why jostling around in the air…it’s weird.  By my sixth attempt I was totally over and hating the helmet factor.  It was in my way and not secure so I asked if I could take it off because every time I hit the water it had to be recentered and adjsuted causing salt water to flood my eyes even more.  Once I was free from that, I had a small amount of improvement.  It’s a very low impact unless you smack the water free falling.  My only advice is to make sure you communicate with the driver.  When I asked for more consistent throttle power I felt as if I had more control.  But even still…after 20 minutes, I threw hands and quit.  I opted to hang my head in shame and let the young-ins show me up!  Truthfully only one cutie pie hot shot had a long ride.  In my experience, it’s a complicated water sport to master right from the get-go. Much like anyone who tries snow boarding.  If you won’t take my word for it…just ask Mr. Chicken Fry or the teen queen who also gave it a spin. Nonetheless, I will certainly be up for trying it again.  I do think fresh water would make this sport less stressful on the eyes.

On our last full beach day, we went all-in on the FREE hotel amenities.  There were a variety of water sport activities such as paddle boarding, kickboards with clear bottoms, rafts, and a Hobie Cat.  Mr. Chicken Fry accepted the role of Captain sailer and took a 20-minute training on how to operate the Hobie.  I was the only one brave enough to take the inaugural sailing expedition with him.  So just the two of us, life jackets strapped on, sail off into the sunset on a 6 passenger unmotorized cat.  I was half kidding, as I yelled out to the staff to send a jet ski to check in on us in 15/20 minutes.


Once out of the break, I was in mad love.  The sound of the water as the CAT gained some speed was riveting.  As a first time sailer I found joy and tranquility in the sound of the wind and water.  It was so peaceful.  The balmy weather as the sun was going down felt warm and I was happy.  Inhale, exhale.  As Chicken Fry manned the cat, I fell into a trance.  Why haven’t we done this expedition every day?  I didn’t want to go back to shore.  I could have stayed out on the Hobie all day.  I loved it so much that I convinced the gang to wake up early on our last morning so we could sail together.   IT WAS  A MEMORABLE MEMERIZING EXPERIENCE and also low impact even on Pop-eye…I mean Mr. Chicken Fry.

Restaurant recommendations:

We came we saw and ate and drank our way through 7-mile beach on Grand Cayman. Allow me to be your personal concierge for eating on Grand Cayman.


Coccoloba was by far my favorite restaurant for the week.  The beachside outdoor atmosphere and the food were outstanding.  Nestled on the beach, is a quaint gourmet Mexican food but they call it Mexican street food.  They have a corn pork appetizer/ dip that was to die for. Most assuredly not on the Abercrombie and FITness approved food list was the cheesy French Fry nacho platter. OH MY HEAVENS!   We dined just before the glorious sunset.  The ocean view at night with tiki torches and lights was charming and chill.   This is a must!  This was a 6 minute or less cab ride from our hotel.


Blame it on the skinny margaritas or the delicious red snapper grilled on a hot skillet but this was our latest night.  We ended up back at the Ritz Carlton bar for a night TAP…i mean night CAP!  

The Sunshine Grill came highly recommended from several legit sources.  It lived up to the vibrant name.  Located behind the Sunshine Suites is this little casual adorable joint open for breakfast lunch or dinner.  My advice is to go early or in the evening because it does NOT have AC!  It’s more of a screened-in porch type of vibe.  In fact, if you go in your swimsuit, you can cool off and take a dip in the pool while you wait for your food. Don’t forget a towel!  This was a three block walk from our hotel.


Luca, located at the Caribbean Club is a posh contemporary Italian restaurant.  It has a wonderful pool/ocean view and from what I’m told the food was incredible.  I wouldn’t know because I didn’t order off the adult menu.  Not a true fan of pasta dishes so I opted for the children’s chicken tenders and fries.  SHHHHHH! This was a 4 block walk from the Beachcomber condos.


Listen to your HEART!


As I meantioned earlier, we stayed at The Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman and it is every bit the quality and service you think it might be.  The skywalk of art is transcendent.  Never mind the hike to the main lobby bar for complimentary hotel coffee each morning.  Never mind the long trek to the fitness facility located across campus. Never mind the walk to the restaurant BLUE. The stunning breathtaking hall of vibrant paint, texture, and photography never got old. Look at this painting which is one of hundreds of art lining the hall. This masterpiece is massive and doesn’t being to show the incredible detail!


Twice we dined at the all swanky sushi restaurant in Camana Bay called MIZU!  The fresh fish and Asian cuisine did not disappoint.  Just outside of the this quaint establishment is plenty of shopping and music.  We even hit up the gelato place for a cool down dessert.  Camana Bay is only about a 8 minute cab ride from our hotel. 


The Tuna poke salad at the RITZ was by far my favorite dish.  I ordered it twice I liked it some much.  I also enjoyed the chicken chipolte street tacos from BAR JACK at out hotel.  The kids often enjoyed the pizza restaurant on property called Andiamo.  Situated by the water park at the Ritz.


The Beachcomber are some condos on the water two doors down from the Ritz. Three-bedroom condos on 7-mile beach.  Friends in our party stayed there.  The condos offered many special amenities.  It was spacious and clean.


Red netting bikini by Luli Fama.  My Buda Girl braclets are inspired by Baubles and Bangles and a fraction of the cost!

Pure Vida private charter out of Camana Bay which you already know was the highlight of the vacation. (click this link to see our day at sea)  Captain Adam gave us a day of pleasure, water sports, activity, and sightseeing. Stingray City was a hit! Get a  close look at the eye balls on this guy.

Stopping for a beach bar lunch we landed in another world at Kaibo. Outdoor pull up burger joint with quirky coolness. I stumbled upon an old dilapidated football table and took action. Who can pass up a good old fashioned game of foosball?


This family friendly kept all of the kids occupied and happy.  I know that the teen queen had plenty of down time, fun and leisure. She loved hanging out with the girls and Eli.  They swam, took pictures, used the fitness facility, paddle boarded, surfed, sun-tanned and kicked back. One day she even got her hair braided like the old days!


If your ready to make a vacation count Grand Cayman is now on my top two beach destinations. (Second to the Exumas).

There are no bad days on Grand Caymen. The weather is warm and most days a light shower would surface for less than 15-20 minutes.  It was usually welcomed cloud cover from the tropical sun.


It is with a grateful heart that I thank Mr. Chicken Fry for taking our family on this fantastic first class five star trip of a lifetime.


I thank God for the opportunity to witness so many of his amazing creations.  I’m constant awe and wander of God’s presence and worship Him in all that I do.

Love, travel and marvel at GOD’s art!

XO Angi


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  1. I love reading this! Good job, girlie! I’m with you! We went to Grand Carmen’s 2 yrs ago! Stayed at the Ritz, played with all the toys right there, ate breakfast at the Sunshine Grill and enjoyed many great spots to eat and the sea turtle sanctuary. Always thankful to get away to renew and recharge. God’s art is amazing and inspiring! Love you and yours!

    1. Love you too Kelli – Thanks for the fun comment. I love hearing feed back and or travel tid bits. Hope to see and hear from you soon! xoxo

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