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FIT vacation: The Workouts

I can’t think of a better time to workout than on a planned vacation!  I mean it!

I mean why not?  Why not?

Vacation is all about the “ME” time or the “US” quality time or the good old fashioned “family time” right?  Vacation is also about relaxing and spending that time in a place that refreshes your mind and your body.  On a vacation you should have nothing but time.

The stress of work and the on the job rush has been left behind.  The to do list, the laundry, the chores, mail, bills and errands are temporarily off limits.  You can slip slide into the vaca groove of no real  “real” agenda and do one or multiple things for yourself.

EXERCISE.  Grab a cup of coffee and hit the gym.  If your traveling with little ones, trade off two thirty minute segments between you and your travel companion and give it a go.  TREAT YOURSELF!

I relish any and all workout time especially when it’s away from my usual space.

It’s like a breath of fresh air when I get to workout outside of my BOX.  I enjoy stepping into a classic gym environment for a change.  The state of the art facility at the Ritz Carlton Grand Caymen was bustling with endorphins. People of all ages and races enthusastically clanging weights through sweat droplets and energy.   The music was thumping and I felt PUMPED UP!  WHAT A RUSH!

The fruit/ citrus infused water stations, cold essential oil infused cold towels and fresh fruit bowl is a sweet bonus and classy touch.

The wonderland of workout equipment was staggering.  Rows and rows of shiny treadmills, stair climbers, gliders and ellipticals.  Yet not once did I feel the need to warm up due to the long trek from our room to the fitness facility.

This vacation I put in no less than a solid 45 minutes,  five times in seven days.  Here are the highlight clips of my workout sessions.


It’s important to note that I usually take three pair of workout shorts and two sports bars and two pair of socks.  After I workout, I hang dry or air out my sweaty clothes and or hang them along with dryer sheets that I pack to keep things smelling fresh.  I do re-wear socks, sports bras and shorts one time before putting it in a dirty clothes bag.  


Whether you are on vacation or back to the daily grind, exercise is a known stress reliever.  Lifting weights burns fat and can help you live a healthier longer life.  If you are looking to lose weight, tone muscle or just get into shape, I can help you.  Join me for a private training session, a group training session or sign up today for my proven six week virtual program.  It is never too late to get FIT!


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Love Lift and BE FIT!


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