Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Middle Age Workout Guide

It happens!

I have it to.  I’m middle-aged so sue me! 

My 30’s seem like a complete blur! It’s as if I was trapped in fast forward.

Forty-five came out of no where and sucker punched me in the gut!  Two years later, I celebrated a small covid birthday which with good math puts me at almost 48 years of age. 

In six months I will be driving my 19-year-old to live in another state.  This just seems impossible.  She was just in 5th grade yesterday?!

Here are a few fun facts about my self-discovery into middle age!

Every high school or college student on planet earth has the most beautiful skin I have ever laid eyes on!

That stuff called “crepe skin” is not a legendary farce.

Losing weight involves way more than skipping a meal.

I can totally get away with saying “there goes some serious eye candy” in front of Mr. Chicken Fry without causing any sort of weird vibe between us.

Most doctors and nurses are super young!

My handbag has been referred to as a mom purse.

Don’t give up! Fight it. Hold up and suck it in.

If you’re middle-aged and think that you can’t lose weight bc:

You’re tired

You work too much

Your busy and way too far gone

Your hormones are whacked out

Your job

Guess what?

You’re wrong!

Middle age is not an excuse to get fat or unleash into a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

Just because your middle-aged doesn’t mean you know it all.  

Keep learning.  Keep your activity level up and pursuing life.

Remember when you first learned to drive?

You had a teacher. Maybe this was an older sibling, parent, aunt uncle, parent or instructor. Someone helped point things out you couldn’t see!

Watch out for this, stop here, careful at this intersection.

This guide was teaching you how to maneuver the road and vehicle.

Who says middle age isn’t the way?




four total body workouts a week personal trainer lead (ME) dumbells, water and a mat or towel increase energy, lose inches, and burn fat


Hire a chef or a personal trainer. Get involved in a weight training program. Exercise has all kinds of medical and physical benefits. It decreases the risk of stroke and heart attack. It can lower your blood pressure and get you off of prescription medication.

As we mature, bone density decreases. It’s depressing. Don’t think about it. Just don’t skimp on your daily calcium intake. Keep your bones strong by drinking milk or taking a dietary supplement. Weight training keeps your muscles engaged and helps support bone strength.

The reason people fall as they get older is that they don’t move and muscles become weak. However, if you keep your muscles strong and engaged it can prevent falling.

Be nice to your body. Pay attention to what it’s telling you. If your fatigued or dehydrated. If your body aches or you have bizarre pains. Don’t ignore it.

Ladies get your mammograms and gentlemen schedule a colonoscopy.

Don’t slow down. Keep up a steady pace of activity. Walking with friends. Travel. Chasing grandkids. Scheduling a game of golf or tennis with the ladies. Power shopping and girl gang fitness classes are better than a book club. Go dancing or light up your living room and freestyle the night away. Plugin and keep each other accountable.

Middle age has nothing on you. I have a feeling that your fifties and sixties can and will be the most vibrant years of your life! Make the most of every single day!

Love, keep moving, and grooving.

Angi xo

I train women of all ages and sizes. I see the fear in their eyes when they come in or try a zoom session. But then they see that Im gentle and patient. That everyone has a starting place. That each rep, each workout builds and builds and leads to real results and change.

TRUST THE PROCESS. Don’t give up!

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