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Happening Hamstrings & Weekly Ramblings

Good Morning friends.  How has your week played out?

For us, this was the running and gunning get it down and check it off the list week.  Basically it was the appointment week from hell.  Why in the world do I do this to myself?  I’m typically not an over scheduler at all but for some odd reason, the week before Christmas and one week during the Summer, I have a knack for trying to bang it all out like our very lives depend on it.

Appointments, appointments and more flipping appointments.  On the bright side, all of the public activity forced me out of my typical workout wear and all of the boxes are checked.  Dentist, orthodontist, gynecologist, agency meeting etc!

While out and about I stumbled upon a fabulous new Poke restaurant and stopped for my favorite tart juice on the planet, a toxin flush from Nekter.  What’s more, because our days were so full, I certainly didn’t have time to think or care about preparing dinner.  Who wants TEX-MEX?   Make it two nights in a row…so sue me!


I don’t think I could ever get enough down home Tex-Mex.  For all of my friends who aren’t from Texas, first off I apologize, second it’s basically mexican food also known as, life support to a Texan, but ten times better.  Duh, isn’t everything better and bigger in Texas?  Our favorite hole in the wall tex-mex joint is literally the first stop whenever we have been out-of-town. It’s almost embarrassing because we act like ravenous caged animals the second chips and fresh salsa hit the table.  Thrusting hands into the chip bowl, fighting over it as our eyes water and roll back in our head like drug junkies.  Salsa and tortillas are medicinal. Most of the time, right off the bat, I order the special sauce…verde sauce or my favorite, molcajete habanero salsa.  It will light you up and clean you out and that’s a bet!  It’s super extra so if you’re a spicy light weight do NOT go there. I’m a vintage salsa connoisseur. I even make my own from time to time.  What I love about making salsa is I can play with the texture.  Make it chunky or soupy.

This is an habanero salsa.  As you can tell it’s more orange in color and five star spicy.

Here is the ingredient list.

3 roma tomatoes

2 habanero peppers

1 clove of garlic

1/2 large white onion

2 tbs of cilantro

This is a Serrano salsa which is more green and chunky in color. This is smoking five alarm hot.

2 Roma tomatoes

2 Serrano peppers

1/2 white onion

1 clove of garlic

2 tbs of cilantro

Eating Poke must make me crazy.  Me and my teen queen had some fun horsing around after lunch.  I obviously need to work on my vertical game.

More to come about BELOW 40 next week! This unassuming poke restaurant deserves a feature post of it’s own.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it.


On Thursday I didn’t make it out of my workout clothes…so sue me! I’m wearing a workout high neck swing top from Old Navy.  I have this light weight razor back top in three colors.  It’s soft and comfy and I have it in pink, gray and black.  I paired it with a the one and only Speed Shorts from Lululemon.  

I can’t get enough of the Lululemon speed shorts.  I have too many to count but that didn’t stop me from ordering a new scarlet red pair which arrived yesterday with my favorite two in one FREE TO BE SERENE-tank.  I have three of this flattering style workout top. I mix and match to my hearts content.


One thing that I never skip is my workout.  I make time to FIT it into my day!  I schedule my errands and appointments around my workout.  HINT HINT!


Heavy Deadlifts from the Bosu. Incredibly hard as it test your stability in a big way

TRX pull ups with a hamstring curl. Whoa baby this was so hard. I only made it through 3 sets of 8 reps.

Follow it up with reverse chest flys with dumbbells

Then take it down to an assisted tricep push up using your hamstrings to pull-up.

I hope your weekend is healthy and happy.

Love, lift and be FIT!

Angi xo


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