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 Abercrombie and FITness celebrates TEN FITastic years!

This equals an exorbitant amount of Muscles and Mascara! 

From the burbs to online coaching, I have officially fulfilled 10 full years in business.  To be a small business owner has been a dream come true.  My little slice of the pie as a professional FITness instructor has been the biggest blessing in more ways than I can shake a stick at. My HAPPY SPACE!

From the confines of my residence, leggings and sweat pants a little business and brawn sprouted legs, arms, fingers and toes and has managed to stand on it’s own. My clientele  has been heaven sent.   THE WEEKLY workout warriors who stay hungry for more are the ones who make it all possible!

I’m eternally grateful for every single individual who has entered my training studio/ gym doors and trusted me with their health, body, heart, mind and soul. 

There is a unique song and dance in a personal or group training setting.  It’s intimate.    It’s a small space.  It’s vulnerable and transparent because people come to lay it all on the line.

It’s POINT “A”.


It’s HARD.

It can be unflattering.  But ultimately, TRUST is established and we find a our way in the rhythm.

There is sweat, profanity, frustration, tears, and extreme excitement exchanged.  Truth is revealed, strength starts to develop and this is where the magic happens.

Change takes place.

I have literally witnessed apprehensive teenagers come into their own and out of their shell. I’ve coached haughty girls who have unpacked drama and cooled their jets! I have trained competitive married couples and watched the females run circles around their man. I have helped the unconfident unpack baggage and find their their way back to a higher self esteem and confidence.  I have had the pleasure of coaching clinical yo yo dieters out of this unhealthy habit into a mainstream long term healthy weight.  I’ve done my fair share of melting mounds of fat and crushing calories.  All in all, the end goal is always to inspire people to bring about positive self care.  Exercise has a way of bringing people back to the middle.

Through the years, Abercrombie and FITness has faced challenges and growing pains.  I was ever so green at herding leading groups of chatty women.  I didn’t have a knack or confidence for certain business functions that would arise.  It took years before I felt bold enough to change the order of things or add new features in fear it would break my mojo or turn people off.

What I have learned in 10 years is to do it anyway.  My job title requires that I take folks out of their comfort zone.  Workouts equal discomfort.  I too had to experience hardships in finding my voice. I had to press in to politely boss women around and push them to their limit.

I had to learn my worth and how to politely interrupt the chit chat when it’s time get to work.

Somewhere along the way I cultivated thicker skin and grabbed another gear. I put on a  “don’t be afraid to change things” attitude.  To my surprise, they liked it… they liked it…and now they beg for TABATA TUESDAY’s, and partner workouts.  Sure I get the stink eye when I roll out the green carpet or make them run the hill but ultimately it’s what they are paying me for!

While I may be more seasoned, I STILL have a savory hunger to keep exploring and pushing people to be as healthy and happy as they can be. To encourage clean eating and healthy dietary habits. To self educate and continue learning more about holistic supplements and prevention.

Now ten, zippy years later, I would like to take this opportunity to graciously thank some key people who helped me along the way and ultimately made Abercrombie & FITness fly!  These people have inspired me, encouraged me or held my hand every step of the way.

FIRST AND FOREMOST…my husband, Mr. Chicken Fry and the teen queen who have tolerated a steady flood and entourage of people coming and going from our home.  These two humans have patiently adapated to the chaos of dog barks morning to mid day as clients parade into the gym to get their sweat on!  Mr. Chicken Fry has never not maintained a smile when he comes out to the gym to ask for keys to move cars around so he can get on with his day! 😉 He nor the teen queen have ever uttered a single complaint  in all of the years.  Also, Mr. Chicken Fry has kindly helped me with all of the manual labor that

comes along with owning a gym.  HE. is the one who deals with equipment failures and pre-heating or air conditioning so my clients don’t die!  And lastly…that dasterdely time…I will never forget the Teen \Queen’s 7th grade year when I was running 5:30am training sessions five days a week and Mr. Chicken Fry sucked up the 5:45am athletics drop off. IT takes a VILLAGE and this was huge sacrifice and above and beyond. Thank you you thank you for being my right hand handy man.  Thank you for giving me a safe place to bounce business ideas, brainstorm and pursue my love of FITness.  Thanks for letting me do me.  Your unfailing support has not gone unnoticed. A home business is a true sacrifice and I couldn’t do it without your willingness and support.  

To my friend and former trainer/ boss Johnny Roberson who first invited me to join his staff in 2007 and taught me everything I know about group and personal training.  I  trained under this charismatic style of FITness for almost 10 years before stepping out on my own. Thank you Jrob for your Godly perspective and leadership.

halloweenjrobflex lisas wedding

To my long time friend and trusted source Larry North, who taught me everything I know about diet, nutrition and our body’s natural fat burning machine the metabolism. It was your masterful design of high protein, low fat eating that changed my mindset 26 years ago and I still maintain this process today.  

I would also like to thank my mom and dad for putting me through college to pursue a marketing degree at TCU which has enabled me to grow and evolve my business. Your endless love, encouragement and core christian values that you both instilled in me are pure gold.   


To commemorate this milestone I threw a party!  A client appreciation shin dig to justify a GNO (girls night out) and show my gratitude.  To celebrate health and happiness and congratulate these faces on hitting their marks!  I wish everyone could have made it out to drink some bubbles, eat the cake and swap stories. I’m so thankful to those who made it out to Mesa in Grapevine on a cold Tuesday night.

And those of you who left before the group picture…you can guarantee an extra bonus set of burpees! Lol

This party was for the people.  To show my appreciation for all of my past and current clients/ friends.  To share in the excitement and empowerment that we are women.  WE are capable.  WE are strong.

We are FAITH-filled. WE are wives. WE are students. WE are teachers.  WE are stay at home moms. WE are executive sales-women.  WE are business owners, business travelers, widows, moms of babies, teens and middle schoolers.  WE are grandmothers!  WE ARE RETIRED!

WE are emptynestrs.

We have cancer and we are kicking it’s ass!

WE are divorced.  WE are remarried. WE are cheated on, cheaters, forgiven, we forgive and have moved forward.  WE are PMS, pre-menopause, post menopause and sometimes postpartum. WE are lowering blood pressure, LDL levels and stress.  WE are making  mad strides in our communities. WE have injuries to pamper and ailments to work around! WE are in the trenches. WE love snow and water sports. WE are fierce competitors.  WE are in love. WE have rebuilt from outside in and right side up!


WE are working on our sports conditioning and Testimonal #3.  (which I have lost). cycle  sisters ( I must find it).


Like any of these:






To see more (click the side bar on CLIENT TESTIMONIALS)

The bottom line is this…

WE don’t always feel like it. But WE show up and get it done.  WE make it count.

WE ARE Abercrombie & FITness workout warriors. 

Thank you all for the incredible memories and laughs.

The last two years for me personally has been an emotional roller coaster.  GOOD GRIEF.It’s these women…these faces, these hearts that kept me STRONG when I was weak.  These precious people kept me in encouraged and in the Word when I was struggling.  These and many more faces got me up and out of the bed in the morning.  These women kept me motivated.  I was abundantly blessed by their presence and their prayers.  (Even tho it’s suppose to the other way around). 

Since I have turned a corner and regained my enthusiasm and vigor.  I’m BUTT kicking ready to take ten more by the tail!

Now if you can’t get to me, you an still get lean becaue I have a virtual online worout program.  It includes a meal plan and instructional videos.  It’s fresh and will make you feel good!


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Love, lift and BE FIT!

Angi xo




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