Bringing Sweaty Back

Active wear

Muscle Tank by Core 10 bright-colored muscle tank is the Summer vibe. It cuts in at the waist and has detailed ruching on both sides. It comes in other colors and is thin and lightweight. Breathable fabric perfect for summer sweat sessions!

And these leggings are incredible. Soft, compression and can you even believe this color and pattern. The lines are so flattering. The pattern comes in blue, black and grey. see link below!

IcyZone active has the most comfortable workout wear. I recently purchased this crisp white scoop neck tank and paired it with black textured biker shorts. The compression on the shorts isn’t major. I was mainly trying out the textured waffling scrunch butt look.


This 3D Sleep Mask/ eye mask is the bomb! If you have long lashes and or have eyelash extensions this 3D sleep mask is indented on the inside preventing eyelash rubbing. Blink freely under the mask. It’s ultra-soft and covers the eyes for a full blackout. The material doesn’t rub or dig into my face. It also has a convenient velcro adjustable strap. Mr. Chicken Fry watches TV until he passes out….this ensures me darkness and all the beauty sleep without causing my precious eyelash extensions any harm!


Don’t even laugh at my new favorite designer pair of shades by CHLOE! Elton John inspired and I adore them. Sure they are oversized but they are so funky and fun. Super l right weight and no nose piece to get caught in the hair! Only $80

What styles are you jamming this Summer? Are you into shorts or leggings for the hot months?

Love, stay active and attractive!


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