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Plateau Warning

Welcome to Summer homies!   It’s astonishing that we are crawling into August.  The scorching Texas temperature is a ceaseless reminder.  We keep our fingers crossed that the extreme heat will plateau then quickly nose dive back down into the mid 90’s.

If you have been watching the calendar like a hawk it’s probably because you’ve had a Summer goal in mind!  Many of you out there have been working your patooties off actively pursuing weight loss and creating lean muscle with an unshakable zest.  BUT…

There are some out there, right this very second, who are fed up and ready to quit.  I feel it.  You’re teetering on the edge of giving up on this FITness quest.  You’re pissed. You’re pissed big time because the parade of weight loss has hit a momentary plateau and you feel futility.   You’re rightfully angry even though you HAVE met some goals!   RELAX…so what you’re a bit shy of missing the mark.   Listen up sweet pea, I have some real wisdom.   

YEAH, you’re frustrated!  You impulsively embraced the project YOU and to your chagrin your efforts were not in vain.  It actually worked this time.  Your initial buy in/committment in actuality has been redeemed seeing that you did ALL the things one is “suppose” to do.  You purchased the sneakers, sports bra, shorts and a the tank top!  You invested in a workout program or gym membership and put in the time.  

You gave up happy hours for working out.  You ditched cookies and chips for quinoa and kale salads with hearty grilled meat.  And just like that you turned the corner and made the sacrifices for a healthier you.  Your sweat stained and drenched workout clothes now tell a tale of weight gone bye-bye replaced by sustained stamina and a smaller waist.

You’ve lost inches BUT you were expecting more and quite frankly WANT MORE…so what now?

What to do when you feel like you hit a brick wall?  

This image is close to reality! Losing weight isn’t a perfect graph stair step downward!     We have blips of even steven.  Plateaus’ happen and they are perfectly normal. It doesn’t mean the game is over!

The scale isn’t broken. Your clothes size hasn’t changed or dropped and it’s been two whole weeks.  Don’t freak out.  Everything that was once on a down hill slide has come to a screeching halt ONLY you don’t know why.    You’ve been diligent about hitting the gym, working out and eating a healthy diet…what the flip gives?  No one warned you about a PLATEAU!

This calls for an old-fashioned diet check!  In these instances I find a diet journal to be most helpful.  It’s not a huge deal.   Think of it like an MRI.  The journal is going to act as screen shots to focus in on what your missing.    If you have a cell phone simply use the NOTES section on your phone or TEXT yourself.  If you are a writer downer like me…get a pad or notebook and write it down.  What I want you do to is chronicle every single bite of food you consume.  WHY?  Because it will provide a snapshot of your actual legit protein intake. In some cases I find that most folks hit a plateau because they are lax in protein consumption. In laments terms that means you will actually need to incorporate more food…more protein into your diet.  

This whole paragraph just blew your mind and left you bewildered.  Let me repeat myself.  YES, I’m saying that it’s possible your body actually needs more food, more protein to keep doing it’s job and get you to the next level,  I see it all the time.

  1. What could be the culprit is lack of food and proper nutrition.  You got all into the whole working out gig.  You started feeling awesome and went full throttle and lost your way with food.  When you began to lose weight, the psycho side of your brain might have lied to you.  I call a this temporary time out similiar to the teenage stupid choice time.  You may have been lead astray with the idea of eating less plus working out equals faster weight loss.   It’s a total farce.  It actually works the opposite way.  The metabolism needs constant fuel to keep burning.  The campfire so to speak needs replenishing to burn as does your body.  Up your protein and burn this mother out!  Remember, you are working out…which means you need more fuel to get through the workouts…not less fuel!
  2.  Another possibility is that while your diet is in mint condition your workouts have gone askew.  You have been wrestling with time management because May is hectic as all get out and you skipped several the whole month.  Hop back on the horse honey.  Shake off the dust and get back to business.  Be honest with yourself and get over it.  Saddle up up sister!

This was me last Summer stuck in a rut/ plateau.  I couldn’t get my muscles to shrink wrap, shape up or move an inch.  I was not eating my regualr diet because I had been on vacation traveling and was bloated to beat the band.  I might have skipped some workouts too…I’m only human!


A few week later after working my  FITness program and meal plan like an  “A double plus student,” I was shredded.

You have every right to be pissed at the pleateau.  But…the silver lining is that a plateau is just a flat line, it’s not the end of the world.  You have not hit a back slide baby doll.  At this point you have NOT digressed.  Keep your attention focused on ALL of the positives.  All of the obstables you have overcome prove that your efforts are NOT in vain.

Check out on of my super dee duper client testimonials.  Tiffany is just one of many who have experienced plateaus!!  YES…plural…PLATEAUS!!  Here in the real world with life, work, kids, stress, bills, social activities and such…we even out.  We aren’t on a reality TV show like the BIGGEST LOSER hidden away from life laser focused on weight loss all day long.  But look at what you have accomplished…

What’s Different?


dress size 


 energy level ⇑⇑⇑⇑

Now that you are back from plateau la la land I want you to first examine and inspect your TRUTHFUL diet journal.  This only works if you are honest!  You should have at least 4 or more big protein sessions a day.  By that I mean one of the six or so snacks or meals should incorporate a major source of protein such as eggs, protein bar, protein shake, grilled piece of fish or meat.  In my book 15-30 grams is what I’m thinking about!



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Plateau solved my dear!  You’re welcome.  Now carry on and keep pushing.

If you have another plateau question or concern, ask away.  I’d love to hear form you!

Love, lift and be FIT!

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