Abercrombie FITness training studio, Bringing Sweaty Back

March Madness got you bugging?

The world is in March madness.

This VIRUS is trying to close exercise!  HUH NO, over my dead body.

Big box gyms have been ordered for a (TEMPORARY) shut down and while I understand it will help cut down on the spread of the virus, PEOPLE NEED THEIR EXERCISE.

As of right now Abercrombie and FITness private training studio will remain open for small groups of 5 or less and half hour privates and hour private sessions. I have an outdoor fresh air environment. 

EXERCISE is a positive outlet.  It’s therapy.  It is quintensential self care.

We are in the middle of global pandemicand that calls for two things….retail therapy and wellness.  Also known as shopping and exercise

Such as this SPORTY SPORTS BRA – CLICK HERE (comes in a variety of classic or  neon colors) 

True to form, I wanted to point out a few mainstay items for home bound exercise.  With travel bans and work from home lock downs we still need to dedicate an hour or so to our bodies.  GET the body moving and blood flowing. Do it YOURSELF.

Exercise a little DIY.  Make your kids laugh and or get them in on the action!

It doesn’t take much.  FITness does not have to be fancy.  All you need is a little space and a “get it done, make it count” attitude.

What do you need for a 2-6 week quarantine?

Who knows?

What I do know is that these FITness items are my top five picks and all are CURRENTLY IN STOCK! (give or take a specific color)

My workout warriors are eigher going to love me or hate me because I HAVE BEEN CLICKING AND BUYING SOME FITness gadgets galore!  

  Amazon basics MED BALL

Medicine balls are fun and can be used in a variety of ways. This company has 4, 6, 12, 16, 20 pound NOTE THESE ARE NOT FOR SLAMMING!  If you need slamming…check the next time below!


(the rose gold is unfortunatley out of stock)

  • TAKE YOUR WODS TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Cross training is founded on innovation and variety – and our slam ball helps transform your WODS and quickly advance cross training levels, all while letting you reap all of its benefits with unprecedented ease.
  • BOOST YOUR AEROBIC CAPACITY: Slam ball workouts tone the cardiovascular system, enhance circulation and dramatically improve your strength and endurance. By moving at a high speed, you push your body towards producing more power – and FAST.
  • BUILD MUSCLE MASS & ATTAIN PERFECT BALANCE: Slam balls add a layer of resistance to exercises which traditionally rely on bodyweight. They naturally increase muscle mass and improve posture and balance, through aiding in regulating movement patterns.
  • SOFTER MATERIAL FOR BETTER GRIP: Tired of those old Fashioned, hard slam balls that are difficult to grip. We used one of the toughest SKINS available and softened the material to allow you to grip the ball better.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Special surface makes cleanup a breeze to keep your ball looking sparkling clean.


Elevated push ups

Russian Twist

Atlas lunge

Squat press

Toss sit up

 Urban FIT Balance / Stability Ball 

This is a gym grade balance ball.  One of the best home basics if you don’t have a bench is a stability ball.  This ball will help improve your core strength.  Tomrrow I demonstrate how to used the items at home.

Chest Press



Push ups

 WEIGHTED VEST 12 pounds

This best comes in 6, 8, 10 or 12 pounds.  I suggest 10-12 pounds.  Use it for added weight when running and jumping or push ups, sit ups, or any overall added bonus to your workout.

VALEO ANKLE WEIGHTS 5 pounds per ankle

  • COMES IN A PAIR: 2 ankle weight straps with adjustable weights each weighing 2.5 lbs
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTS: 5 individual sand-filled bags of weight secured in individual pouches, weights can be adjusted from 1 to 5lbs for increased resistance
  • EASY TO ADJUST: Self-gripping Velcro closure for easy removal or great fit for ankles and wrists
  • QUALITY & COMFORT: Adjustable metal D-ring double-strap Velcro closure system, padded and non-abrasive lining for comfort
  • PERFECT FOR FITNESS & REHABILITATION: Add more resistance, used to increase upper or lower body strength, rehabilitate muscles, improve balance, and coordination for physical therapy, home workouts, walking, jogging, cross-training and fitness routines

I love using ankle weights for inner and outer thigh work.  Strap these babies on your ankels and do a set or four fire hydrants and your butt cheeks will be screaming!

For a killer cardio blaster – do step ups from a single stair or bench and kick up for a glute squeeze.  You can sit on a chair and lift your legs one at time for quad and ab work or jack knife your knees for some serious core/ab work!

In terms of dummbells for home workouts…depends on your FITness level.

Beginner 3,5,8,10  Intermediate 8,10,12,15,20  ADVANCED 10,12,15,20 (one 30 or 40) 

Lastly – AS ALWAYS…I offer a virtual wokrout program. Under the corona virus circimstances I will gladly send all 12 workouts at one time.  All workouts come in email format and instructional videos and MEAL PLAN!  Apart of being a virtual trainer means I’m standing by for text messages and or phone conversations about modificaitons and or assistance.  angi@abercrombieandfitness.com


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.



Stay healthy and hydrated my friends. This a master must do.  Due to the grocery store debacle and water restocking issues, TRY drinking from a PRESSABOTTLE...one of my long time favorite products now on AMAZON!  Save money and use filterd water from your home or tap or frig.  Simply add your favorite concoction of fruit and voila fresh fruit infused water!   >CLICK HERE TO ORDER  PRESSABOTTLE 

Also… If you issed it, CHeck out The FITting Room :Spring TIME EDITION.  

There are some great finds on spring workout apparel, skin care and much more!  Like these Lululemon look a likes.  The teen queen as not taken them off!   Yall the price just cannot be beat.  As always the sizes and colors are plentiful.  Click below for a direct link. They have the same beloved built in panty and a bonus zipper pocket on the side.


Stay tuned for snipets of some home workouts in the coming days.  Chin up and hang in there everyone.  This is just temporary .

Puffer VEST 


Love, lift and be FIT!


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