Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara


Do you have FOWO?  Pronounced like FOMO but sounds like FO-WHOA!


It’s a thing.

I know for certain that gym environments can be intimidating.  More than ever before, thanks to the pandemic, people are freaked out. Germ awareness only heightens the fear and skewing self awareness. The gym machines, the sweaty bodies, the huffing and puffing, dumbells and perfectly lined cardio equipment is overwhelming.  The fear of working out wrong or not knowing how to use the equipment is scary.

FOWO crisis is not something new.  For many people, the anxiety of exercising in front of others causes layers of self consciousness. But why?  What’s really going on?

What are you really afraid of?

Is it what others will think?  Because most people in a workout environment are all too self absorbed.  It’s their ME time.  They are thinking about themselves and or how to work off the stress from their home or work environment.


These rich high protein shakes are perfect for on the go life.  I personally prefer vanilla and they taste like an actual milk shake!

Quest Protein Bars – VARIETY of FLAVORS 

These are my favorite go to protein/meal replacement bars.  I love the variety and texture.  Lemon Cake, cookie dough and blueberry muffin are my top three flavors!

Are you fearful that a sports bra will cut off your circulation? ( lol ) I adore this scrappy sports bra and it’s only $14 bucks!  It’s plenty supportive and keeps everything in tight.

Where is the fear stemming from? Do you have two left feet?
Were you teased as a kid on the play ground? Pull on your FEETURES SOCKS and get over it.  Socks matter and these cushioned no show socks are the only socks I will ever wear!


Are you afraid you will be forced to starve on a fad diet?  NOT ON MY WATCH! Are you scared you will miss a meal?  NOT THIS TIME!

Are you afraid it will work?  So what you have to buy new clothes!  Are you scared of feeling sore? Most new workout programs do cause muscle fatigue.  But it doesn’t last forever.


What if you blow past the fear?  What if you throw caution to the wind and try something new?  What if you just go for it?

What if you get stronger?  What if you gain flexibility?

What if you actually lose weight and start to like it?

Will you fear what your friends and family think??  OF COURSE NOT!

You will strut your stuff and ditch the fluff!


Do it from home.  

Home workouts are back to a respectable and acceptable choice.   Abercrombie and FITness to the rescue.


If you suffer or have suffered from FOWO, I have a simple solution to the problem.

My live or recorded workout sessions are zero intimidation and stress free.  It’s full on privacy if that is what you desire.  From your home, office, apartment, gym, hotel room, backyard or bedroom, take me with you!  No driving, no check in, no dues or hidden fees!  Straight up weight training workouts in a germ free environment of your choice.  The workouts are on your terms and best of all it’s cost effective.

As a certified personal trainer I’m bringing you top notch workouts.  All you need is a mobile device such as a lap top, phone or tablet and a free zoom account.  You choose your camera off or on and then we go to work.

I lead group hour and 45 min sessions daily/weekly.

All you need is a space.  Resistance such as dumbells are always welcome and recommended. You might want a mat,  water bottle and a towel handy.

6 pack of cooling microfiber sweat towels under $ 20



Abercrombie Unlimited

Only $65 a month for 3-4 workouts a week! This is personal training recorded workouts. Total body workouts designed for weight loss, drop inches, produce lean muscle and energy. Includes a meal plan!


Get one a week, two a week, five a week or the whole dang month.

I have a fear for folks who don’t workout or exercise on the regular.  I fear they will lose mobility.  I fear the higher risk of stroke and diabetes.  I fear their coming blood clots and cholesterol issues.  I fear their future of heart and circulation problems.  I fear their dependency on blood pressure and other prescription medications.

I fear they won’t live life to the fullest! 

Listen, it’s ok to have FOMO (fear of missing out). I don’t care if you fear the boogie man, fear spiders, or fear of heights.  I just don’t want you to fear for your life!

2020 has been scary enough.  If 2020 hasn’t killed us by now…it’s not time to die.  It’s time to start living and doing!

No more fear!

Drink the water. Eat high protein nutrient foods. Move your body and stop worrying so much about the clutter.

Love, fear not, and exercise a lot!



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