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WHOO wee that was fast!

Another week and month in the record books.

As promised, I have comprised a compilation of the week’s top tier exercises for your workout pleasure.  They are grade A challenging movements designed to tone and sculpt lean muscle and burn the mommy muffin top off!

These exercises are not to be taken lightly.  If you are a beginner, star slow with light weights.  Trust me, your heart will still be thumping.  More advanced workout warriors, don’t be afraid to use 12-15 pounds on your arms.

REMEMBER: lifting weights burns fat!  Abercrombie and FITness is a bulk free zone.   

Start by warming up with this ladder movement exercise.

Ladder hops with a weighted vest.

Now listen up…don’t get your panties in a twisty twist if you don’t have a ladder.  Side walk chalk works great or use your little o’le imagination.  In other words, PRETEND.  Squat deep on the out and hop with two feet on the inside moving forward and backward.  Time yourself for a minute without rest.

Lay back on a bench or stability ball and pull the weight over your body.  This exercise works the upper back.  By laying down on a bench this motion protects the neck from straining and allows the back to do all of the work.  Keep your arms straight as you pull over.

Next up is a straight-arm pull up from the incline bench.  This works the back but add focus to the lats.  Lean on the bench and pull your arms up and down.

This next move looks easy and starts out easy but after about 5 reps this movement suddenly gets very very heavy.  From a decline bench hold one weight.  Sit down lie back lift back up stand up and press the weight over head.  Advanced hold two dumbbells for 20 reps.

Lateral movements shoot the heart rate sky-high so take caution when doing these side squats with an up right row.  All lateral moves are notorious for elevating the heart rate so just be prepared for it.

Do 20 reps 10 on each leg with our stopping.

This was a class favorite last week.  A single leg dead lift into a back lunge with a twist.  I used a 15 pound medball and I must say my legs were sore for days as were my obliques.

Last up, put on foot up on a bench or chair or something sturdy.  Holding weights, dip yourself down into a lunge position.  Be sure that your knee does not go past your toe.  Keep you toe and knee in alignment.  Advanced FITness fanatics, add a bicep curl at the bottom.

Now then, we are at the top of another month which is always a great time to shift gears.  Shift into a healthy mind-set and a go getter committment.  If you can’t get to me you can still get lean.  My FITness program is a great kick-start to send you into the upcoming holiday season with a lot of sizzle.

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Love, live lean and eat clean or Love, live clean and eat lean.

Angi xo

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