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Plank-tober Fest (anniversary series)

October, three years ago, I blindly began a FITness blog.

I jumped in, not knowing how much time or effort it would absorb and or how it would be perceived in public.

My whole goal was and is to share information relating to living a healthy lifestyle through funny true stories, client testimonials and human error.

Three years later…I’m overwhelmed at the love and encouragement I receive from my followers and fans. Friends near and far and folks I have never met continue to compliment and boost me up right when I need it.  So this is a special thank you to every one of who has sent a text, left a comment, given me words of kindness and or made a phone call. Also to those who help me edit ALL of my grammatical mistakes. It has truly meant the world to me and it keeps me keeping on with this labor of love writing gig.

In true Abercrombie and FITness fashion, I would like to give you all a big round of thanks with some PLANKS!  This special celebratory post is for YOU and all of the support you have shown me these past few years.

Plank-tober FEST is  yours for the taking.  Why the plank?

Because the plank is playful and anyone can do it! The plank can be done anywhere.  It’s a family friendly exercise or an office friendly movement.  The plank is also a total body toning exercise and in my expert opinion the perfect thank you gift!

BEWARE…the Plank is not as easy as it looks.  Everyone I know that doesn’t workout or isn’t active will say…”planking is sooo easy. ”

That’s because it doesn’t look complicated.  However, when the rubber meets the plank…they suddenly realize this simple exercise isn’t a prank.  Oh no, the plank requires shoulder, core and leg strength.

Pictured above a reverse plank…Also I’m wearing the Fast and Free 7/8 tight by Lululemon.  These tights are like butta (butter).  Super light (not thick) and fit like a glove.  There are many colors and patterns to choose from. 

Take that to the plank bank!  Cash in on this challenge by ordering up a little game of plank.

Sign up your girlfriends. Sorority sisters, dorm pals, roommate, cousin, mom, aunt, sister…

Get your hubby or boyfriend involved.

See if you can get some co-workers on board.

Kids of all ages will want in on the action.

Plank Challenge (friendly) competition.

Every night or day…time yourself in a group setting.  The honor system works fine because in most cases the drop-outs, can’t hide.  It doesn’t take long!!! Really most people at the longest will only plank for 3-5 minutes and those are the hard-core competitors. No need to change into fancy workout clothes you can plank in work clothes, jeans, boots, pants and if no one is behind you even a dress or skirt.

Get your hand dandy stop watch out and time yourself.  Someone needs to be in charge of a log or spreadsheet.  For the whole month…challenge yourself to go 30 seconds farther every week or every day…. Make up the rules as you go. Plank for street credit or cash!

There are no rules for your Plank-tober fest.  You can do planks side ways, forearms, leg up, rocking plank, or hand planking.  Plank with a BOSU or balance ball. Have it your way.

Planking is hard!!!   It looks so stinking easy but it’s hard holding up your entire body weight from either your forearms or your hands. If you don’t believe me I challenge you to a 30 second plank.  If you aren’t in shape and planking or exercise isn’t a regular occurrence for you, I bet it’s the longest 30 seconds of your life if you can even hold it the full amount of time.

That’s because a plank is like a theatre production.  It must be practiced and rehearsed over and over again.  Over time you build up stamina and increase strength so you can hold it longer and longer creating strong arms and core muscles.

Good luck to all of the plankers in the house.

And once again, a tremendous thank you to all of my loyal readers and workout warriors  for encouraging me to keep evolving.  Your kind or critical comments are greatly appreciated.

Love, hold your plank and take your winnings to the bank! 



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