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Tid Bit Tuesday: Making Space

Calling all dishwasher loaders, this blog post is for you!

Call me crazy, but I get a slight thrill when I purposely situate a jumbo load of dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

In fact, I think loading the dishwasher is a repressed art form that is long overdue some inspiration.  Have adults, moms and dads, across the country simply grown immune to the beauty of stacking every plate and dish in perfect allignment?  Are we all ignoring the daily dishwasher dance in creative homemaking?

Yall, seriously, everyone needs to clean the contacts or glasses and get a clear new outlook on the empty dishwasher.  I give much gratitude for the simple fact that I have the luxury of owning a dishwasher.  That in itself is a big deal and one my pre-historic great and great great grand parents would have loved.  I think an empty dishwaster is pretty equal to a big blank canvas just begging to be painted.

Ok so maybe this is an over zealous embellished statement a bit far fetched but this area of prowess deserves some recognition. Don’t you think?

Yall, I’m a master at loading the dishwasher.  I’m pretty sure that I could stuff an 18 wheeler along with all of its cargo into my dishwasher in one fell swoop.  It’s almost become an addiction or like playing a chess game with myself.  I would literally rather break a dish or throw it in the garbage than leave a single glass or utensil in the sink.  At the onset of starting the machine I want every stinking dirty dish in the house to be stuffed and tucked away inside for a scalding hot bath. So I squeeze, move, arrange and rearrange the dishes like puzzle pieces until everything fits into place. 

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Over the years I have learned how to move and position bowls, lids, sipppie cups, glasses, mugs and more like a professional. Now that I think about it,  I should give up my day job and just sell fllipping dishwashers. I have become uber skilled at moving and aligning all the things to fit into the space for one ginormus glorious wash.

Making space

Loading a dishwasher is so similar to LIFE!  In general, we humans are constantly changing and strategically shifting tasks and deadlines around to make the daily routine run efficiently.

It’s remarkable how much we can pack into a work week.  Between shuttling kids, jobs, travel, errands, church, duties, shopping, laundry, sports, and  volunteering life is just jam-packed of busyness.  The holidays swoop in and elevate the already busy life to full tilt.  But the truth is we make time to FIT in the things that really matter to us.

What can you alter in your day to day routine to make space for healthy living?  Can you give up or move around two leisurely lunches a week to walk or workout?  How about skipping happy hour and trading it for a 55 min sweat session?  Maybe it’s modifying your diet and ditching drive thru fast food lines for a pre-prepared healthy meal from home.  Maybe you need a Pressa Bottle on your desk as a reminder to hydrate and drink tons of water.

Perhaps making time isn’t an issue.  Perchance you are literally struggling to find the space. You need an area of your home to be your own, a compartment of space to move. You have the gusto but need space and you aren’t sure what you need!  Honey I’m here to help.

FITness doesn’t have to be fancy.  If you have a square pace no bigger than 6×6 feet you have ample space to workout.  I’m an BIG advocate of less is more. The important things to have on hand are:

1.  ball or a bench

2.  free weights such as 5,8,10 lbs

3. stable bench or chair (even a small step in your home or bathtub will do)

I purchase a lot of my gym equipment from a local guy named Alan who owns a huge warehouse called HOME FITness.  His prices cannot be beat. I’m talking treadmills, Free weights, kettlebells, balls and much more. The prices on the web site are often higher than the prices in the warehouse.   

Now go back and rethink the space in your home or adjust and make the office space your area.  Use the great outdoors and breath in some fresh air.

These few things easily store under a desk, in a closet or under a bed.  In a very small area you can do some damage causing your heart rate to elevate and the sweat to perspire.  You can do stationary lunges (front and back),  squats, curls, push ups, crunches, full sit ups, tricep dips, kick backs, shoulder raises, up right rows, side lunges, plie squats, shoulder presses, bent over flys, super mans, flutter kicks, dead lifts and hundreds of combo exercises.

Sanitize Cycle.

My dishwasher has a sanitize cycle.  It’s the mother load of heat, double rinse and it often takes a little bit longer.  Get your body in the habit/cycle of doing weekly exercise and healthy eating.  Making space and running through the rinse cycle every once in a blue moon isn’t going to cut it.  Remember, your body and health is like a blank canvas.  You are the artist.  Paint a pretty healthy YOU!

Make space in the your life for natural tasty healthy foods.  Not that processed crap.  Fill a few hours a week with heart healthy exercises and workout sessions.  Fire up the heat in your core with daily (morning or nightly) crunches and core work.  Make space in your everyday routine to be active.

We all know that you make space for on-line shopping, surfing Facebook, reading the morning news, watching your favorite pre-recorded shows.  You are an expert stuffer finding pockets of time to do the things you want or need to do.  Make exercise one of these things.  You are never too busy.  Make space…juggle some appointments around or wake up early.  Watch NetFlix while you do three sets of 5 exercises!  Shove it in and make it work.

Load up on this FITastic group of exercises.

Flutter kicks

side lunges

push ups

triceps dips

jumping jacks

complete three sets of 15-30 reps.

I have made space in many a hotel room for a quick couple of rounds of exercises. You can do the same.

Love, create and FILL (feel) GREAT! 




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