Bringing Sweaty Back

Red, white and New

I’m always in.

A decent self description would be that I’m willing to try almost anything that involves activity such as exercise and movement. Even a silly stupid crab hats in a pinch.

Did somebody say dancing?

I’m a sucker for a dance floor. Toss in a live band or great DJ and I’m a shoe in for girating and moving my hips like nobody’s business.

Speaking of…the fine folks in Orange Beach are a bunch of dancing maniacs. In fact, thanks to certain girls, who wish to remain anonymous, I actually have a slightly new and improved appreciation for RAP music. Who would have thought? Apparently if you pay zero mind to the words and focus on the beat it’s a pretty cool sound. Dancing causes happiness and burns calories. I highly recommend the bump…not to be confused with the bump and grind.

But…back to exercise and movement.

Test dummy for FITness? Perhaps, but I’ve got no qualms about trying new, old or ordinary physical activities unless there is big super risk of injury or death.

I would hardly think that a pedal car, yoga or paddle board is death defying? An evil burpee that could self induce projectile vomiting but let’s not get ahead of the story.

This Summer I want to encourage you to go for it. We live in America. The good old USA! The land of wild endless unique opportunity for fun and adventure.

Parasail, jet ski, wake surfing, kayak, horse back riding, boxing, sky diving, indoor sky diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, spartan racing, marathoning, spin class, Pilates! You name it… it’s your call.

Do something NEW!

Here’s an idea. Start tomorrow off with a challenge.

Challenge your spouse or child to a FITness challenge or dare them to exercise with you once a week. Start with a plank challenge. 30 seconds to one minute and build on it every week.

Today’s new workout involves curls, lunges, wall sits and abs!

How long has it been that you did a wall sit? It’s so basic but uber effective.

Start anywhere. If working out is new to you, just start. Just take it easy and slow and


I’m a patriotic person. I’m over zealous about celebrating our precious freedom. The fact that I can do what I love in a Free country where I feel safe is such a blessing.

Love, Red White and Blue, try something new!

💦This was a hot and humid sweaty round of exercise. 💦But hey…it’s a workout with a view. Which proves where ever you are you can workout. Make FITness a part of your lifestyle. 🎯💪🏽. I’m standing by to help you reach your weight loss or total body tone goals. 🤗 Sign up for my virtual FITness program today. It includes a meal plan and instructional workout videos.

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