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Panty lines

In girl world, pantry lines are a serious crime. Any sign of a crease or outline of an undergarment is a forbidden felony in this day and age.

But what’s a girl to do in the workout world?

Last year this was one of my most frequently asked questions:

What kind of panties do you wear when you workout?

This is a widely discussed topic in the gym. When this topic comes up during a group training session…everyone has their personal preference. As they should.

The answer for me is simple. I wear nothing. ZILCH! I go full commando when I workout. But allow me to pleade and explain my case.

I grew up in the gymnastics, dance, cheerleader world. Therefore not wearing panties with a leotard or blummers or dance costume was never even a thought. Heaven help you if you were the girl to show up to dance class with white panty exposer bunched up spilling from your black leotard or bloomers. This was not a good look!

Right now…and I won’t name any names, but I can recall several females that had white panties showing from their black leotard back in the day! I made a mental note as a young girl…that I did NOT want to be that girl. No sir ree and so I’m panty free!

But…now that I’m a full grown woman and while a few mild things have shifted I still prefer commando in my workout clothes.

As a FITness professional I live in workout tights and shorts pretty much all day long! Ain’t no girl trying to have some panty lines on a daily basis. I don’t care for a thong running up my butt and an extra layer to worry fuss with.


My go to workout shorts are the speed or the hottie hot shorts by lululemon. These babies have built in panty protection.  I love a good two in one don’t you girls? It’s one less step in the morning which believe it or not is a big deal. Both of these shorts come in an array of colors and lengths with built in full coverage panties. What will they think of next?  While these shorts have a faint panty line it’s accepted. I work hard for my wedgie so hard for my wedgie!



In the winter all of my tights / leggings have the white triangle netting. I think this special spot was created especially for the pantyless female. It’s basically begging us all to go panty free because of the breathable crotch spot. Think of it as an invitation to let your guard down and live a little. Take a walk on the wild workout side and take a break (while your working out) from panties.

As an active personal trainer I bend stoop and demonstrate exercises on the regular. I would much rather a peep of skin show rather than glaring panties.

But I realize that others are more modest and I can totally respect the panty choice. For the females that want the double layer factor here is the top no line, support undies for exercise.

Natori bliss line less underwear

perks for going all la natural

No double laundry to do.

no fist fights with wadding and panty exposure

One less stea seamless look and feel

Save money on undies!!!!

Now if there are any panty makers out there that want to prove me wrong…I’m open! I’ll try something new.

Speaking of new…it’s almost 2019!

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Love, breathe and be free!


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