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Workout of the week 

As promised here are the best of the best from last week’s workout series.

The loyal workout warriors were so super bummed!  BUMM ba ba BUMMM if ya know what I mean.

They were bummed out because their boo-tays hurt so bad...good!

Bum, butt, booty, lady lumps, humps, behind, hiney, buttocks, hind end, ass, cheeks, baby got back, tail, duff, tushy, patooties, badonk a donk, caboose, buns and tush…all slang words for today’s center topic.  

I ain’t training no sissies.  We are fully dedicated and concentrated on filling out the jeans.  Rounding and lifting the derri’ere to keep it tight and toned.  This is a FITastic Fall goal.

Deadlifts with the bar.  Form is so crucial so you don’t tweak your back or pull a hammy. Roll those shoulders back and screw the heels into the ground. Slow lower the bar down and squeeze and pull back up.

From a stationary lunge position hold a medium weight start at the bottom of the motion allowing the knee to rest on the floor. Take the weight up and to the side and stand up in the lunge position as the weight goes up. Rest the knee every other arm motion.


This ab exercise is cool.  Lay on the ground, bend a knee and place it right over the left.  While pressing your hands into the ground lift the legs and perform a reverse crunch.  (leggings by Bombshell Sports wear)

Next up is a single leg dead lifts with an elevated heel to elongate the hamstring.  Balance will be tested so keep your gaze up.  Don’t look down because where your eyes go your body will follow…this is why texting and driving don’t mix!


Bosu burpies are tough.  Please be impressed with my vertical jump!  (lol)   For this exercise, begin in a plank position with the blue side of the BOSU down. Jump up to standing and jump up holding the Bosu in the middle of your torso. These bad boys sky-rocket the heart rate.

From a bench, while keeping one foot on the bench at all times, step over with one leg.  Do 10-15 reps on one side then switch it over.  These make the quad burn.  Follow it up with some pistol squats for a thigh super set.

(workout top and leggings by Lululemon)

These moves over time will whittle the waist and tighten the rump in all the right places.

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