Bringing Sweaty Back

Fitting room Fall 2018 edition

Target! The place we women folk gather to shop and fill our love tanks. Target is like a well-organized mini mall which means anyone at anytime is subject to an unplanned abyss of shopping.

Take me for example. I was only at Target to buy guest bathroom towels. That’s it. Do you think that there is a chance in hot hell that I made it home with a single bathroom towel? Oh heavens no…

Better yet…I never even made it to that particular section. How could I? The workout clothes are on the way and a girls got to do what a girls go to do!

Shopping for you!

It’s what I do next and you’re going to thank me if you’re in the market for some cute new fun leggings like these from Champion.

These mid-rise leggings are a perfect muted peacock with a mesh peek-a boo ankle. A great color for the transition into Fall or Spring to Summer. I tried on the matchy match sports bra and it fit like a glove because it has an extra band at the bottom that really adds to the support. Both pieces together are under $50. There were also matching tanks or t- shirts to go with it.

This workout T had a light weight silky feel and comes in multiple colors.  It had an uneven hem line, short in the front longer in the back and was so cute for running around after a workout.  It’s a super loose fit.

Look at this super youthful teenager-ish crop top find!  I took a chance and would have purchased this adorable trendy workout top in a quick heart beat but they didn’t have my size.  It’s by Joylab found it online…getting it! I love the fit and feel and the fish net detail in the back made it feel funky and fun.  Also this top would look so darling with black leggings. I didn’t care for the grey on gray!


This light weight workout cami comes in multiple colors.  I tried it on in grey.  It’s not pictured because I need to size up and I ran out of time.  

These leggings also by Champion give lululemon a fun for the money. They are a thick tight blend which will be warm for Winter cold months. There isn’t a ton of give and stretch so I would size up forsure. These are a high rise waist which is the only thing I did not care for. I love the deep pocket on the side.

Looks at these leggings by LOVE JOY!. I simply love this maroon meets purple burnt out tight.. these lefties are super soft and had great lines in the back. Super flattering lines for the B-hind.

I paired it with these bright matching sports bra with purple detail. But what I wanted the most is this purple zip up sweatshirt. Look at how it fits. It’s like cropped in all the right places and is oversized but fitted. It had the thumb hole for active runners or for people with freezing cold hands, like me. the second sweatshirt was super soft and cozy as well. I personally felt like the purple zip up with more likely to pair with fall clothes. This sweatshirt is only $34 dollars and chance!  WINNER!

And these Sweatshirts were to die for soft!  Comes in several colors linked HERE!

How could I resist a Michael Jackson throw back T-shirt paired with some feaux shiny leather looking leggings!  These shiny high-rise leggings are all the rage but I needed to size down.  Don’t stop till you get enough!

Champion brand had so much stuff but had limited time.  I love the blue, black grey palette.  Great patterns and styles like Capri, mid rise and high-rise leggings.

Shop till you drop.

Enjoy the shopping thrill and I hope you land some fun pieces to inspire you to sweat more often.

Love, reap what you sow and wear cute workout clothes 

Angi xo

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