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Best of 2017: no equipment required

Enough with the bon bons and cookies. Enough with chips and tamales. I feel bloated and blah. It’s been raining and all I’ve been capable of is eating, internet surfing and reaching for the remote. When it’s cold and clammy out its hard to get motivated.

However… I managed to pull out a sliver of self-control and make myself active. Health care. So I managed to drag myself out of the reclined position and do these exercises for 4 rounds.  And why not make it a two for one. Yes, if you are wondering I have on a charcoal mask.  It’s my game face girls!

This was a decent attempt at some level of heart healthy activity. It’s better than nothing.

Good luck









Go for 15-20 reps of each exercise.

At any point you can add resistance by holding dumbbells. I actually worked up a light sweat and felt my arms get tight and pumped. My core felt strong.

After this I basically hit the shower followed by another pair of my favorite sweats and the remote. Sometimes rest is the perfect ending to a year of hard work and busy lifestyle.

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Love, sweat and be FIT


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