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Leg Day (workout video)

And just like that, it’s Friday y’all!

This week flew by so fast at the Abercrombie household for a couple of reasons.  For starters, the teen queen had a very exciting week. Miss teen queen had swanky tickets to the Harry Styles concert in Dallas.  This alone to her is like if I saw Elvis in the flesh.  She’s ridiculously goo goo gah gah for Harry and it cracks me up.  The whole concert was in itself a production because true to form one must have a super cute new outfit for this special event.  Secondly, I would no doubt go down as the most monstrous unkind mother one could have if I robbed her of trying to stalk him out for a random happen stance chance of a meeting which took half of an entire day.  What are ya going to do?

Next up was a big time hail storm in our home town.  Baseball to softball size hail came raining down Wednesday night that shook everyone awake.  Luckily no one was injured but the damage is plenty.  Thankfully my Mr. Chicken Fry owns and operates a local roofing company so things are hopping around here.

Speaking of hail damage, let’s talk legs ladies?  So many wonderful women hate their legs.  I know so many females that hide their legs under light weight long capri’s or long maxi dresses because they don’t like the appearance of their legs. With the heat index way up, shorts and delicate light weight dresses are the only way to live in Texas. It’s wedding season and in order to survive the next several months I have some sure leg exercises that will give you confidence to reveal your legs 6 months out of the year or more.

The remedy is mixing it up on the workout front.  No boring blasé exercises on my watch. Something I often forget to use and incorporate is my stability disk. I actually purchased my stability disk long ago. It came as a beginner feature to the infamous Indo Board which is crazy coo coo kind hard. I’m talking major like a double diamond difficulty.  An Indo Board is what Bethany Hamilton used as a unique tool to build her core balance and strength for her awesome surfing come back story! (I linked it above in orange)

This tiny round plastic disk is like a stick of dynamite. It’s full of air contributing to just enough EXTRA, if you will, to challenge your leg and core muscles to work harder. It packs an unforeseen punch. Let’s take a look how it works.

Unlike the Bosu,  the stability disk has an easy removable pin to let air in or out for more or less resistance.

Small subtle changes like using the stability disk,  can have a big explosive impact on your strength.  Start by putting one foot on the disk and the other on the ground.  Do squats and feel the core engage. Next, try stabilizing with a stationary lunge. Place one foot on the disk with the other behind in a lunge position and drop down for 8-10 reps.  Not as easy as it looks huh?

This workout is a grade A challenging set.  I did every exercise three times with 20 reps.  I held 12-15 pound dumbbells in most of the movements.  Lifting weights burns fat and sculpts lean muscle. By doing this on a regular basis the appearance of hail dented legs, aka fat pockets will diminish as the fat pockets dissipate and melt away.  I got a little cocky and tried some seated jack knifes.  Watch me wobble baby wobble baby! 

Above is the second half of the leg day workout.  I use the Bosu as an effective balance  trainer all the time.  Try the blue side first.  Squat deep and flick the weight for a squat with a shoulder raise.  Flip it over and do shoulder circles for 20 reps.  This blue baby will really test your core and hold you accountable.  I also did a drop weight set.  You can elevate your foot on a bench or use a chair.  Hold two dumbbells and after 8-10 reps drop one weight and do another 8-10 reps.  This builds stamina.



Ladies using the Bosu or a stability disk with weights will change the look and feel of your legs. Your booty will firm up.  Your knees and thighs will start to take shape.  Your hamstrings will begin to develop and you will be proud to unveil your legs.  No more jiggle or flabby skin.  

I’m telling you my custom workouts really work.  I’m a paying customer with a river of sweat equity paddling every rep of the way.

Love, giggle and put an end to leg jiggle!

Angi xo



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