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TRX Tuesday

Well hello friends! How’s your Tuesday treating you?

Over here we are in the final farewell to the lazy days of Summer. It’s sad but true. Soon our lives will be busy and ruled by the school bell.  With school we get more schedule and plenty of fun fall social activities.

I welcome change and new activities. Which is why today I want to reintroduce the TRX suspension trainer. It’s super functional and has many strength training benefits. The TRX is perfect for beginners or advanced FITness enthusiasts. For more details, I linked directly to Amazon.

The TRX is basically a hefty rope with handles that will secure to a door or in my case a sturdy power cage.  They can also be anchored to a tree or a grounded monkey bar set at the park.  It’s important that the TRX only be used in a secure area to avoid injury.


The workout as shown above is an advanced workout. These exercises are in the extremely challenging category but can easily be modified for beginners. To modify most exercises such as the chest fly or chest press, simply walk up and stand straight rather than lowered down.  Standing more upright lowers the resistance level and vice versa.

I have put together a total body toning workout. Some basic movements with a little something extra on each one. On this particular set I’m using a sling shot resistance band.  Check out Mark Bell’s resistance bands.  They are the BEST on the market becaue of their no slip grip and sweat resistance material.

I started with a hand plank ab tuck with an outer thigh motion. This targets the arms, shoulders, core and outer thighs.

Next is the squat push up onto the toes with a tricep push. This is great activation for the glutes, quads and calves.

Squat hops are explosive and really accelerate the heart rate. This is a great way to fire up the legs for the super set of the banded outer thigh exercise to follow.

Hold down in a squat while engaging the biceps and squeeze out with the band. Every fifth rep pull in and row with the lats working the back.

Finish out the back with suspended back flys.

Finally, lay down on the mat with your heels in the TRX slings. With the hamstrings pull in with the knees and push out with the outer thighs.

Stand up for bicep curls followed by chest flys!

Repeat all of these exercises 4-6 rounds of 20 plus reps.

Perspiration guaranteed.

It’s important to remember that diet is a huge component when it comes to FITness. 60/40. 60 percent diet and 40 percent activity. The fuel you put into your body is more important that the export. Turn your body into the fat burning machine it was built to be.

Do you want to go further or learn more about healthy eating habits? I have a meal plan and or a 6 week FITness regimen that guarantees success. My workout plan includes the meal plan and eating tips but is also sold seperately.  Click here for more details on the Abercrombie and FITness workout program. 

Together we can make a difference in your overall healthy and physique.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Love, lift and be FIT!



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