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Workout (a new series)

Good morning friends!

I hope you’re September is off to a fine fresh start.

As the fall calendar begins to fill up make sure to SHARPIE, which is permanent marker,  in time for self-care! Find your mojo girl and Make time for a walk, jog or workout.  I fully grasp that you’re juggling work, kids, home, and a plethora of activities. This is precisely why your health is so important. In order to be all that you can be for all the people and commitments in your life you need you time.  YOU time will keep you strong, energized, rested and fed well to do all the things on your weekly task list.

I had a ball planning these workouts just for you so don’t let me down.

If you are here, chances are it’s because you deeply desire to live a more FIT healthy lifestyle. I believe you can do it. I know you can!

You may want to tone up or drop a ton of weight. Either way…I got you girl!

Welcome to a new Friday workout series.

I will be uploading 2 workouts a week. These workouts speak for themselves but they don’t work if you don’t work them over.

Here is a little fit tip…lifting weights burns fat! It’s a scientific fact. I’m walking talking living proof that my workouts and workout program reap results. 

Feel free to sit and watch my videos but the program works best when you get off your rump and do it with me.

Take action.

Modify these moves if you must. There is no shame in making modifications for certain exercises. This is actually a cool way to gauge your progress. Start with push ups from your knees and who knows maybe in 16 weeks you will migrate to your feet.

The Workout

Shoulders…lats and legs!!

Repeat this set for 3 rounds.  I recommend 20-25 reps for all advanced fitness fanatics. Beginners start at 10-15 reps per exercise with or without weights.

Seated shoulder press. If you don’t have a shoulder press you can mimic this range of motion with dumbbells. Sit on a bench or chair or stability ball.

Next up is a forearm plank with a shoulder reach. This movement forces the core to stabilize. For advanced workout warriors place your feet on a blow up disk or BOSU balance trainer.

Take this next stability exercise for a long forward lunge onto the BOSU followed by a short lunge with a bicep curl.   Make sure to even it out and work both legs. I have on a weighted vest for added resistance but this is not necessary if you are just starting out.  In fact if you are a beginner forward lunge only without a BOSU.

Assisted pull ups are crazy hard for me.  A pull up is a forward grip…not to be confused with a chin up which requires a reverse grip.

I don’t even come close to doing a single pull up without help.  I use resistance bands to  hoist me up.  As you can see via the video, I can do about 15 minus reps with the 20 pounds of assistance and only 4 reps minus 10 pounds of weight.  If you don’t have access to a pull up bar, you can always do this seated with a stable bar and try to pull up.  Another version is the lat pull down machine.

Like I said, FITness is a work in progress.  I’m forty-five years old and my goal by May 2019 is to do at least five without assistance.  Goals right!

Second set – repeat for three rounds

Start with a forward lunge into a side squat.  That equals one rep – do 8 10 on each side.  Hold the weights up by your shoulders for advanced.  If you are a beginner you can hold the dumbbells by your side. These will throw you off balance so keep focused on your form.

Lay down for some weighted hip thrusts.  This move is vital for the girls who are shooting for the peach.  The gains in the booty.  This move helps keep it lifted and tight.

Super set it with single leg thrusts with a resistance band from a bench.  Allow your shoulders and head to slowly lift off the bench as your butt goes down then thrust one leg up at a time.

Place one hand on a BOSU or med ball and perform a one arm elevated push up.  This strengthens the core and chest muscles.  It will engage your core so be ready.  Place your feet wide or modify by coming down on your knees.

There now….wasn’t that a ball?

Part of life’s challenge is to never stop reaching.  Keep pursuing your dreams and reaching for another goal.  It’s all about pushing yourself past the comfort zone.  That’s when you feel most alive.  That’s where all the heart pounding adrenalin rush comes from right?!? 

If you are ready for the next step and challenge your body in a more physical way, this is your opportunity to bite the bullet.  My training program is a DIY plan to success.  Lower your weight, drop a dress size and increase your stamina.  Twelve workouts you don’t want to miss.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Love, lift and be FIT

Angi xo

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