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TABATA Burn (workout video)

Labor Day weekend 2018 has come and gone.

I hope you all did your 3 day holiday weekend just the way you like it. Whether that was resting, bird hunting or party hopping I hope you had a grande ol time because the party is over and we are turning it up!

Over here at Abercrombie and FITness we are getting serious about our FITness.

I take September as serious as I do spring time. It’s go to work time girls… repeat after me…skinny jeans, holiday party dresses, hoco, and special surprise events.

Do NOT be caught off guard.

No bundling up on my watch. You can cover up when they lay you in the casket girl. Until then sweetie, it’s time to get your game face on and establish a new rhythm. Get out of the school zone and into the tabata fat burning zone.

One of my favorite ways to shake off the Summer fluff is to up my workout game and kill some calories with a tabata workout. Tabata Big tabata boom.

At the top of every month I love to incorporate a high calorie tabata burn.

Tabata? That sounds like a snack…but it’s notta food.

For more informarion on a Tabata workout click here. I use this tabata timer. HI’2T found on the app store for less than a dollar.  

Tabata is an energizing fun time workout that will leave you sweaty Betty!

Let’s get to work.

Today’s tabata includes the following eight exercises:

Elliptical backwards (you cud substitute walking backward on a treadmill or running backward)

Holding a single leg static deadlift with tricep kickbacks (see pic below)

Single leg alternating deadlifts

Plank from a BOSU sliding legs in and out (see pic)

Over head crunches (see pic)

Free space plank (plank your way)

Deadlift upright row

Seated rows (could substitute bent over lawn mowers)

Yep…you counted right! That’s 8 exercises in 4 minutes.

Remember you DO NOT have to count reps! All you have to do is focus your attention on the form and go to work.

Don’t be afraid of the press plate plank jacks! You can do the press at the bottom of move as shown above or have it your way. If your not super coordinated do the push at the top just don’t stop moving.

Keep the core engaged on all exercises. Belly button pulled in tight. Sit up nice and tall on these rows.

So there you go girl! It’s yours for the taking!

Crush it, take it by the balls and wreck it up!

Remember – no counting…shoot for 6 rounds – work up to 8 then 10 then max out at 12 rounds!  Practice makes perfecct.

You can find plenty of tabata workouts on my site under FIND the FITness tab.  Simply type in tabata and former posts will appear!  


Love, lift and be FIT.

Angi xo



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